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For the battle pet family, see Mechanical companions.

Mechanical is a creature type used for machines and constructs made of inorganic or manufactured parts, especially metal. Mechanicals include intelligent creations like mechagnomes, basic automatons like harvest golems, and ordinary machines like gyrocopters.

Some mechanicals can be salvaged by engineers after they're slain. Hunters that know how to tame mechanicals can also track them.

In Classic, most mechanicals are immune to bleed type melee attacks: Ability gouge [Rend], Ability rogue garrote [Garrote], etc. They are also immune to Spell shadow possession [Fear], as well as draining abilities such as a warlock's Spell shadow lifedrain02 [Drain Life]. Most mechanicals can be controlled using the Inv misc pocketwatch 01 [Gnomish Universal Remote].

Examples of mechanicals[]


As a hunter pet[]

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Basic Special Exotic Bonus
Ability druid ferociousbite Ability vehicle shellshieldgenerator

Mechanicals were added as a family of tamable hunter pets with the release of the World of Warcraft: Legion pre-patch. Gnome, goblin and mechagnome hunters are the only ones who can tame mechanical pets from the start; hunters of other races need to use a Inv engineering mechabond imprint matrix [Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix] (craftable by engineers) in order to acquire a mechanical companion.[1]

In the RPG[]

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A mechanical is a type of construct that is at least partially technological. These constructs are also known as "robots", though, the term also applies to characters piloting suits of steam armor.[2]

Mechanical constructs may be modified and affected like any other technological device.[2]


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