• Mechanocat and Rider
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  • "Special Issue: Customize your ride."
  • Sell Price: 75s

Mechanocat and Rider can be bought from Cork Stuttguard in Bondo's Yard on Mechagon Island for 3g.


Mechanocat and Rider

The original mechanocat prototype was designed by Head Machinist Sparkflux himself when Mechagon was first founded. The cat's superior speed and handling far outclassed all other vehicles available at the time.

Yet despite its unparalleled performance, the mechanocat was never mass produced, as the less expensive mechanocrawler was widely considered a more cost effective mode of transportation for King Mechagon's military forces.

Cogheads and recyclers, however, soon acquired Sparkflux's schematics and began production of the mechanocats on a smaller scale. Today, any mechagnome worth their grease has built a custom mechanocat of their very own.

Customization options are everywhere with the Mechanocats. Raised shocks, Long tails, Variable claws, and of course custom paint jobs.

Fireball red still remains the most popular color for new cats, but Lemonade Steel is a favorite with the old time Cogheads.

Giddy Gallon showed off a refurbished Sparkflux prototype cat with it's[sic] original Battleworn Blue paint job. This last of it's[sic] kind prototype has attracted the attention of Sparkflux himself, who has expressed a desire to have the cat for his own collection.

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