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Gender Female
Race Pandaren
Occupation Elder
Location Wandering Isle
Status Alive
Relative(s) Chon Po (son-in-law), Xiu Li (daughter), Shisai, Li Li (grandchildren)

Mei is a pandaren from the Wandering Isle. One of the elders of the island, she is the grandmother of Shisai and Li Li[1] and the mother of Chon Po's deceased wife Xiu Li.[2]

She gave gold to Li Li for her birthdays. According to Li Li, Mei drinks medicine to help her sleep at night.[3]

She was present when Wanyo returned. She was unsure about a pearl that the fisherman brought. After Li Li left again, Mei tried to soothe Chon Po by reminding him of Xiu Li and telling him the last words Strongbo said to Li Li and Chen before he died. She explained that the death of the body was better than the death of the spirit, and reminded him that she had already lost her own daughter. Though her fears about Xiu Li drowning ultimately came true, she knew how much she loved being a fisherman and she would not have stopped her even if she could have lived longer if she hadn't.


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