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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Mememgem is an orc techno mage. This foul-tempered orc techno mage with a background in vehicles and warlock magic scares the rest of the techno mages. He works in the vehicle area of the dungeon, which is the deepest part. He claimed the large area as his own, and built a tunnel leading from the deep level to the ground level; on more than one occasion a failure has flown out of the hidden mouth of the tunnel, terrifying local wildlife. The burning hunk of metal usually reaches high in the air before crashing in an impressive display. He does not clean up his messes, and the other techno mages call that area "Mememgem's Graveyard." Some scavenge for supplies there, but no one wants Mememgem to discover their pilfering, as the orc sometimes goes to the graveyard to mourn his children.[1]


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