Memory Cube

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  • Memory Cube
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Toy
  • Use: Summon the Memory Cube and relive pivotal moments in the battle against the Legion. (10 Min Cooldown)
  • "The Cube Reverberates with Echoes of Memories Past"
Memory Cube.

The Memory Cube is quest reward from N [110] Cubic Coalescing. Activating the device lets the adventurer look back to past events that took place during Legion.


<A presence emanating from the cue urges your mind to think back on your experiences in the Broken Isles>

Gossip Recall the events before the arrival of the Legion

Gossip <Recall the story of Gul'dan>[1]
Gossip <Recall the story of Illidan's Illidari>[2][3]
Gossip <Recall the story of Khadgar's temptation>[4]
Gossip <Think back to another time>

Gossip Recall the events on the Broken Isles

AllianceGossip <Recall the death of King Varian Wyrnn[sic]>[5]
HordeGossip <Recall the retreat from the Broken Shore>
HordeGossip <Recall the acension of Warchief Sylvanas>
Gossip <Recall Ysera's corruption>[6]
Gossip <Recall Ysera's transcendence>[7]
Gossip <Recall the confrontation betwen Warchief Sylvanas and Genn Greymane>[8]
Gossip <Recall the Lightbound Vessel>[9]
Gossip <Recall the demise of Illidan>[10]
Gossip <Recall your first visit to Suramar>[11]
Gossip <Recall the demise of Gul'dan>[12]
Gossip <Think back to another time>

Gossip Recall the events of the Tomb of Sargeras

Gossip <Recall Kil'Jaeden's attack on Dalaran>
Gossip <Recall the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras>
Gossip <Recall Anduin reclaiming Shalamayne>
Gossip <Recall Kil'Jaeden's defeat>
Gossip <Think back to another time>

Gossip Recall the events of Argus

Gossip <Recall the journey to Argus>
Gossip <Recall the resurrection of Xe'ra>
Gossip <Recall Alleria's encounter with the Dark Naruu>
Gossip <Recall your arrival at the Seat of the Pantheon>
Gossip <Recall the imprisoning of Sargeras>
Gossip <Think back to another time>

Gossip Recall the events following Argus

Gossip <Recall the fallout of the wound in Silithus>


  • Using the toy will place the cube on the ground for 3 minutes and you can replay various Legion cinematics.
  • Each cinematic is unlocked based on the characters quest and raid experience.

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