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Menagerie is a Pet Battles achievement under Collect to obtain 125 unique companion pets.


After completing this achievement, Breanni will mail you a  [Brilliant Kaliri]:

Keep Collecting!


Wow, you're becoming quite the collector of cute critters, aren't you?

I thought I'd write a little note and send a small gift to encourage your efforts. Keep it up!



  1.  [Can I Keep Him?]
  2.  [Plenty of Pets]
  3.  [Plethora of Pets]
  4.  [Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart]
  5.  [Lil' Game Hunter]
  6.  [Petting Zoo]
  7.  [Menagerie]
  8.  [Littlest Pet Shop]
  9.  [Going to Need More Leashes]
  10.  [That's a Lot of Pet Food]
  11.  [So. Many. Pets.]
  12.  [Pet Emporium]
  13.  [Master of Minions]
  14.  [Many More Mini Minions]
  15.  [Proven Pet Parent]
  16.  [What Can I Say? They Love Me.]
  17.  [Good Things Come in Small Packages]

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