Mennar Academy

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The Mennar Academy was an ancient Highborne academy, which was one of the first to study the arcane arts. They first discovered the potential of the magical energies seeping from the Well of Eternity. They were very cautious in its application of these new-found powers, so they didn't join Queen Azshara and her Highborne nobles. Refusing to fall back when the city fell, they stayed behind and erected magical barriers, turning their once quiet home into a fortress. Unable to hold out against a full frontal assault from the Burning Legion's vanguard, the Academy was destroyed during the War of the Ancients, but the inhabitants didn't die in vain. They all sacrificed themselves to hide the  [Sarcen Stone], a mighty ley line changing artifact. Today the Academy lies in ruins, mostly at the bottom of Lake Mennar in Azshara and all inhabitants are ghosts. Those admitted to the Academy were given a ring.

Known Members