Mercenary See, Mercenary Do

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AllianceMercenary See, Mercenary Do
Start Ros'eleth
End Ros'eleth
Level 65 (Requires 62)
Category Terokkar Forest
Rewards  [Arakkoa Hunter's Supplies]
Next A [65] A Dandy's Best Friend


Bring 30 Arakkoa Feathers to Ros'eleth at the Allerian Stronghold.


Ever since you brought that first batch of feathers and I completed Bertelm's hat, all the other mercenaries have been clamoring for their own, including Thander. It told them I'd get right on it, but I'm going to need a steady supply of arakkoa feathers for the project.

I'll gladly accept any you happen to gather in your adventures in the forest.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 10 blue.png [Arakkoa Hunter's Supplies]


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