The Merchant Coast.

The Merchant Coast[70.2, 82.6] is the name given to the small portion of the Northern Barrens that forms the coastline of the Great Sea. Along the Merchant Coast is the goblin port town of Ratchet, and the Theramore outpost, Northwatch Hold. Off the coast is Fray Island. The Merchant Coast receives its name from the lucrative trade that takes place through the thrifty hands of the Ratchet goblins.

For years, the southern portion of the Merchant Coast was controlled by the Southsea Freebooters. Following the Shattering they left the area, allowing the Alliance's Northwatch Expeditionary Unit, led by Rear Admiral Hartley, to take over. Much to Gazlowe's dismay, the Northwatch forces have been interrupting his trade with the Horde[1] and also captured Baron Longshore, a pirate that stole and buried some of his most valuable cargo.[2]


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