Merchant Greenfield

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NeutralMerchant Greenfield
Image of Merchant Greenfield
Title <Seed Vendor>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 15-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Halfhill Market, Valley of the Four Winds[52.9, 52.1]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Milly (daughter)

Merchant Greenfield is a pandaren plant seed vendor in the Halfhill Market who sells seeds for the patches of soil on Sunsong Ranch.


Merchant Greenfield
<Seed Vendor>
Item Cost Result
 [Green Cabbage Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Green Cabbage]
 [Jade Squash Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Jade Squash]
 [Juicycrunch Carrot Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Juicycrunch Carrot]
 [Mogu Pumpkin Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Mogu Pumpkin]
 [Pink Turnip Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Pink Turnip]
 [Red Blossom Leek Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Red Blossom Leek]
 [Scallion Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Scallions]
 [Striped Melon Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Striped Melon]
 [White Turnip Seeds] 15s 5-10  [White Turnip]
 [Witchberry Seeds] 15s 5-10  [Witchberries]
 [Autumn Blossom Sapling] 10s  [Autumn Blossom Tree]
 [Spring Blossom Sapling] 10s  [Spring Blossom Tree]
 [Winter Blossom Sapling] 10s  [Winter Blossom Tree]
 [Enigma Seed] 1g Random Pandaria herb
 [Magebulb Seed] 1g 1-3  [Spirit Dust] and 0-1  [Mysterious Essence]
 [Raptorleaf Seed] 1g 3-4  [Exotic Leather]
 [Snakeroot Seed] 1g 1 Trillium Ore and 0-2  [Ghost Iron Ore]
 [Windshear Cactus Seed] 1g 3-8  [Windwool Cloth] and 0-1  [Bolt of Windwool Cloth]
 [Songbell Seed] 1g  [Mote of Harmony]
 [Bag of Green Cabbage Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Green Cabbage]
 [Bag of Juicycrunch Carrot Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Juicycrunch Carrot]
 [Bag of Scallion Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Scallions]
 [Bag of Mogu Pumpkin Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Mogu Pumpkin]
 [Bag of Red Blossom Leek Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Red Blossom Leek]
 [Bag of Pink Turnip Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Pink Turnip]
 [Bag of White Turnip Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [White Turnip]
 [Bag of Witchberry Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Witchberries]
 [Bag of Jade Squash Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Jade Squash]
 [Bag of Striped Melon Seeds] 4g 50s 200-400  [Striped Melon]
 [Bag of Songbell Seeds] 30g 40x  [Mote of Harmony]
 [Bag of Snakeroot Seeds] 30g 40 Trillium Ore and 0-80  [Ghost Iron Ore]
 [Bag of Enigma Seeds] 30g 40x Random Pandaria herb
 [Bag of Magebulb Seeds] 30g 40-120  [Spirit Dust] and 0-40  [Mysterious Essence]
 [Bag of Windshear Cactus Seeds] 30g 120-320  [Windwool Cloth] and 0-40  [Bolt of Windwool Cloth]
 [Bag of Raptorleaf Seeds] 30g 120-160  [Exotic Leather]
Other Seeds
Item Source Result
 [Ominous Seed] Rare bonus from harvesting crops  [Terrible Turnip]



My seeds grow the best veggies in the valley. Guaranteed!

Buy Let me browse your goods.


Patch changes

Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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