Mercy for the Lost

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HordeMercy for the Lost
Start Tegashi [63.5, 95.2]
End Tegashi [63.5, 95.2]
Level 3 (Requires 1)
Category Echo Isles
Experience 250
Reputation +250 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 50c
Previous H [3] A Troll's Truest Companion
Next H [3] Young and Vicious


Kill 8 Corrupted Bloodtalon Raptors.


The fiend who stole our raptors has been corruptin' dem with some kind of magic. Now dat dey've grown with dis corruption inside of them, I fear dere's little we can be doin' to save dem outside grantin' them da peace of death. Go ta Zalazane's Fall, northwest of here, an' see da task done.

I hope ya can stomach dae work. I don't tink I could bring myself ta do da deed, even knowin' that it be needed.


You will receive: 50c


Dis is very unpleasant work.


Thank you, <class>.

It will be takin' brave and determined people like you ta drive da Darkspear up again. I hope dere are more people even half as dedicated to come.


  1. H [2] The Rise of the Darkspear
  2. Class quest:
  3. H [3] A Rough Start
  4. H [3] Proving Pit
  5. H [3] More Than Expected
  6. H [3] Moraya
  7. H [3] A Troll's Truest Companion
    Side quest: H [3] Crab Fishin'
  8. H [3] Saving the Young & H [3] Mercy for the Lost & H [3] Consort of the Sea Witch
  9. H [3] Young and Vicious
  10. H [4] Breaking the Line
  11. H [4] No More Mercy & H [4] Territorial Fetish
  12. H [5] An Ancient Enemy
  13. H [5] Sen'jin Village

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