The wilds of Meredil.

The ruined gate of Suramar City, left outside of the dome.

Meredil is a ruined area of Suramar City that was not protected by the energy shield, so it has become overgrown and full of the withered. The entrance to Shal'Aran is located here, and above it, the Ruins of Elune'eth. There are two main sections of Meredil: a main area outside of Shal'Aran, and a wild area closer to the dome explored at the very beginning of the Suramar storyline. The gates of Suramar City are counted as a part of Meredil.

Anax can be found here in a pond behind the main area, opposite from Shal'Aran. Mal'Dreth the Corruptor can be found here on the edge of Felsoul Hold.

Elieth can be found here, but she dies after Shal'Aran is found.


  • In Legion beta, Meredil was known as Fal'raan.

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