NeutralMerithra of the Dream
Image of Merithra of the Dream
Title <Daughter of Ysera>
Gender Female
Race Green dragon (Dragonkin)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Green dragonflight
Occupation Leader of the Green dragonflight
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Ysera (mother), Alexstrasza (aunt), Dralad (uncle), Caelestrasz & Vaelastrasz (cousins)

Dragon form In-game

The green dragon Merithra of the Dream is a child of the Dragon Aspect Ysera and was a major figure of the War of the Shifting Sands. She was taken captive in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj under a mortal, night elf form by the qiraji, along with the red Caelestrasz and the blue Arygos. She and Arygos offered to craft weapons in exchange for  [Imperial Qiraji Regalia] and three Elementium ores.

Many years later, during the Fourth War, Merithra seems to have taken de-facto leadership of the green dragonflight. Working with a mortal hero, she helped save the Emerald Dream from an infestation of the Void. While not confident she can live up to the legacy of her deceased mother Ysera, she accepted the role nonetheless.


War of the Shifting Sands

During the War of the Shifting Sands, the dragon Anachronos enlisted the bronze dragonflight and fought alongside the night elves against the qiraji. The sheer numbers of qiraji and silithid proved overwhelming, however, and so Anachronos called upon the progeny of the other dragonflights, including Merithra of the green dragonflight.

Along with Caelestrasz and Arygos, she helped push the qiraji back into Ahn'Qiraj which allowed Anachronos, Fandral Staghelm, and the night elves to create a magical barrier to seal the fortress. The three dragons and their companions flew headlong into the insect city as the Scarab Wall was erected behind them, leaving them imprisoned within the walls of C'Thun.[1]

With the betrayal and death of Arygos, and the death of Caelestrasz in the Bastion of Twilight, Merithra became the last one alive of the three former captives.

Dawn of the Aspects

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She joined her mother at a meeting of the Wyrmrest Accord following Deathwing's defeat. The Emerald Nightmare within the Rift of Aln had begun acting up and seemed to be seeking a new Nightmare Lord. Ysera told Merithra that protection of the Emerald Dream now fell upon the druids.[2]

Merithra in the Chamber of Heart.

Battle for Azeroth

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During the Fourth War, the Emerald Dream was invaded by terrible creatures of the Void, causing Merithra to call for aid as she was doubtful that she could combat this threat on her own.[3] After entering the Dream, she directed her allies to combat the Void in order to secure the Emerald Dreamway,[4] and to acquire fragments of the dragonflight's power.[5] She became distressed upon learning that Karkarius and Thessera chose to give up and embrace death rather than fight for their lives.[6]

Agreeing to help empower the  [Heart of Azeroth], Merithra ventured to the ancient heart of the Emerald Dream, where she planned on empowering the Heart of Azeroth with the essence of her dragonflight. However, she was surprised to discover that the area was withering in the Void's grasp.[7] She subsequently asked her allies to destroy the Void forces in order to continue with their quest, and personally felt responsible for the corruption that had taken hold.[8] Believing that Ysera would be pleased that some of the green dragonflight's power would go toward saving the world, Merithra had her allies throw the emerald fragments in the lake, where she and other green dragons combined them with their power into a powerful dragonscale.[9]

With the Emerald Dream fighting back against the Void, Merithra directed champions to bring the dragonscale back to Magni Bronzebeard in the Chamber of Heart. She subsequently made her way to the chamber as well, where she channeled her power into the Heart Forge and expressed pride in standing with the other dragonflights in defense of Azeroth.[10]

She later journeyed to Mount Hyjal after sensing the distress of Nordrassil caused by Azerite elementals invading the area.

Merithra later returned to the Chamber of Heart where she joined Kalecgos, Alexstrasza, Ebyssian, and Chromie in empowering the Heart of Azeroth.[11] In a conversation with her aunt Alexstrasza, Merithra asked what her mother had truly been like before she became an Aspect and expressed doubt that she would be able to live up to Ysera's legacy, but explaining that none of the Aspects knew either, Alexstrasza encouraged her to have faith in herself.


A vision of Merithra appears in Ysera's dreams while still within a wildseed, named as 'Daughter'.


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By the time the Dragon Isles were re-revealed to Azeroth, the green dragonflight was in an unstable state. While Merithra was the flight's de facto leader after Ysera's death, she was not a proper aspect, and not all of the flight agreed that Merithra should lead them.[12]


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Merithra in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

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Heroes of the Brood? C'Thun must be banished! We can assist you, mortal!

Succumb to the endless dream, little ones. Let it consume you!

Battle for Azeroth

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  • Hello, champion.
  • What would you ask of me?
  • Tell me of your dreams.
  • Isn't it past your bedtime?
  • Is it time to go already?
  • Rest well.
  • May your dreams be peaceful.


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I fear that even if Azeroth is saved, my brothers and sisters of the green dragonflight are doomed. Still, we will do everything in our power to help save the world.

Gossip Who are you?

I am Merithra, daughter of Ysera, the dreamer.

I had thought that she would be here forever. Until she wasn't.

For eons my flight has watched over the Dream and the realms of nature. I cannot hide from this duty. Even if I fail, I must try.

There is too much at stake to do nothing.

Emerald Dreamway

Gossip Where is Ysera?

Ysera, the Dreamer, lost her life in Val'sharah after she was corrupted by the Nightmare.

In the end, it seemed as if Elune welcomed her spirit with open arms. I pray she is at peace.

Mount Hyjal


I could feel the distress of Nordrassil deep within the Dream. With all that this world has endured, we cannot lose another great tree. Thankfully, we have you on our side, and the Heart of Azeroth.

Chamber of Heart

Merithra of the Dream says: Life-Binder, might I ask you something?
Alexstrasza says: Of course, Merithra. You may always speak openly with me.
Merithra of the Dream says: Long did my mother lead the green dragonflight as the Aspect of the Dream.
Merithra of the Dream says: And yet she always seemed... distant. As if she were in two places at once.
Merithra of the Dream says: You knew her before you became Aspects. What was she truly like?
Alexstrasza says: We were sisters. The only two of our brood to survive. Inseparable ever since birth.
Alexstrasza says: Some believed that as the smallest among us, she was also the weakest. They were wrong.
Alexstrasza says: Ysera was strong in a way most could not understand. But hers was a strength on which Azeroth depended.
Merithra of the Dream says: I do not know if I possess such strength. Or if I can fulfill the task that lies ahead of me.
Alexstrasza says: Neither did she. None of the Aspects did. But we rose to the challenge, as you will. Have faith in yourself Merithra.
Merithra of the Dream says: Thank you, Alexstrasza. I will do my best to live up to my mother's legacy.



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