AllianceMessenger to Westfall
Start Magistrate Solomon
End Gryan Stoutmantle
<The People's Militia>
Level 14 (Requires 14)
Category Redridge Mountains
Experience 50-490
Previous A [14] Messenger to Stormwind
Next A [14] Messenger to Westfall

Part of the Reinforcing Redridge correspondence quests.


Magistrate Solomon wants you to take his written plea to Gryan Stoutmantle in Westfall.


Something odd is afoot with the Stormwind Army. They should have been here in force by now. Time is a luxury we don't have, however. I will not stand by and watch the people of Lakeshire give their lives without trying to enlist more help. I've heard word of a people's militia forming in Westfall.

Take this plea to their leader, Gryan Stoutmantle. Perhaps Stoutmantle's men can lend some support here until the King sends reserves.


Good Messenger, you have served your master well.


  • 50-490 XP


  1. A [14] Messenger to Stormwind
  2. A [14] Messenger to Stormwind
  3. A [14] Messenger to Westfall
  4. A [14] Messenger to Westfall
  5. A [18] Messenger to Darkshire
  6. A [18] Messenger to Darkshire

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