A meta gem is a gem that only fits in a meta gem socket. A meta gem socket only accepts a meta gem.

Meta gem requirements

Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 7.0.3.

Prior to patch 7.0.3, each meta gem had a set of requirements. These requirements were that the wearer's equipment also had a particular number of other gems. If those requirements were met, the meta gem provided its bonus. If they were not, the meta gem was inactive.


 [Shielded Skyflare Diamond]

For this meta gem, if the character's gear had

-- at least 2 gems that "fit in blue sockets" (are blue, green, purple or prismatic)
-- and 1 gem that "fits in red sockets" (is red, orange, purple, or prismatic)

this meta gem would be active.

A gem that matched more than one required color (purple or prismatic, for the above example) would satisfy any requirements that it matched. For instance, this meta gem would become active with as little as one blue gem and one purple gem socketed in equipped items.

A prismatic gem on your gear counted for all meta gem color requirements. One  [Nightmare Tear], for example, was enough to activate your  [Destructive Skyflare Diamond].

Meta gems added in Mists of Pandaria did not have this requirement.

What equipment has meta gem sockets?

Meta gem slots are sockets that (currently) only appear on particular varieties of headgear. Most often, meta gem slots are found on items intended for "end game usage": level 70/80/85/90 gear, arena gear, dungeon sets, and so on.

Meta gem properties

Meta gems of the same name adjective have the same effects, but may have different activation requirements.

Prefix Attributes
Austere Stamina and Increased Armor
Beaming Critical Strike Rating and Mana
Bracing Intellect and Threat Reduction
Brutal Melee Damage & Chance to Stun
Chaotic Critical Strike & Increased Critical Effect
Destructive Critical Strike & Spell Reflect
Effulgent Stamina & Reduced damage taken from spells
Ember Intellect & Increased Mana
Enigmatic Critical Strike & Reduced Snare/Root Duration
Eternal Dodge or Stamina & Block Value
Forlorn Intellect & Reduced Silence Duration
Imbued Intellect & Stun Resistance
Impassive Critical Strike & Reduced Fear Duration
Insightful Intellect & Chance to Restore Mana on Spellcast
Invigorating Haste & Chance to Heal on Crits
Mystical Chance to Increase Cast Speed
Persistent Attack Power & Reduced Stun or Snare/Root Duration
Powerful Stamina & Reduced Stun Duration
Relentless Agility & Increased Critical Effect
Revitalizing Versatility & Increased Critical Effect
Shielded Stamina & Reduced Spell Damage Taken
Swift Critical Strike & Minor Run Speed Increase
Tense Critical Strike & Stun Resistance
Thundering Chance to Increase Melee/Ranged Attack Speed
Trenchant Intellect & Reduced Stun Duration

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): No longer requires other gems to activate effect.

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