Metals are mineral items found as raw ore (in most cases) by mining veins and deposits. They are often usable as ingredients for professions (usually Blacksmithing or Engineering) after being smelted into a purer bar form.


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  •  [Felslate] - A remarkably heavy metal, with effects similar to Saronite. When worn by non-demons, prolonged usage will induce eerie whispers from Sargeras.
    •  [Demonsteel Bar] - A metal made by combining Felslate and Leystone. Possibly by including Leystone, the naturally heavy Felslate becomes lighter, thus Demonsteel retains the durability and strength of both materials. Prolonged use will still induce whispers form Sargeras.
  •  [Infernal Brimstone] - Not much is known about the incredibly rare infernal brimstone, rather than it is mined off of infernals and according to Mama Diggs it smells like the combined odours of sulfur and rotting corpses.
  •  [Leystone Ore] - Armour crafted from leystone is remarkably light but remains strong and durable while offering great mobility. However, producing armour from this metal requires a complex process.
    •  [Azure Ore] - Close in proximity to leystone and thus often overlooked, however in the hands of an expert smith and made into weaponry, it becomes nearly indestructible.
  •  [Lumenstone] - A somewhat rare, enchanted metal able to negate magic, and withstand great amounts of fel. Can be used for both armour and weaponry. Though there exist enough for natives to be using it in their crafts.

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  • A full list of all minerals, ores, and crystals has been compiled here.