MobMetal Lord Mono-Han
Image of Metal Lord Mono-Han
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level 35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Thunder Forges, Isle of Thunder[54.7, 31.8]
Status Killable

Metal Lord Mono-Han is a mogu located on the Isle of Thunder.


  • Toss Energized Metal 45 yd range — 1.67 sec cast. Summons an untargetable Energized Metal object that ticks every 1 second to units in range...
    • Charged Bolt 10 yd range — Instant. Hits for 50,000 Nature
  • Whirling Attack — 2.51 sec cast. Triggers every 1 sec...
    • Whirling Attack — Hits for 77-90K Nature. Telegraphed with a boss emote:
    Metal Lord Mono-Han prepares a whirling attack!


Mono-Han hits weakly, so don't worry about melee swings. His two special abilities, however, hit quite hard. He will Toss Energized Metal on the ground, spawning an object that lasts for roughly a minute and zaps any units within 10 yards with a Charged Bolt for 50,000 Nature damage each second. The area of effect is marked by a red circle, so get out of it. He will also occasionally wind up a big Whirling Attack, which is telegraphed with a boss emote. Get out of the area of effect, this time denoted by lightning clouds on the ground. Try to not aggro any nearby Shan'ze Electrocutioners.

To get the  [Speed Metal] achievement, some electromancer killing will be required. Electromancers have ~500,000 health, and on death, will drop an orb of lightning on their corpse. Getting the stack started is the hard part, as the first stack only has a 10-second duration. Before pulling Mono-Han, try to kill two at close to the same time as possible, then run over both of their corpses before the orbs despawn. Each application will double the duration of the buff up to a 2-minute length. Quickly keep killing Electromancers, but after the fourth stack, the time constraint is not an issue. Get to nine or ten stacks, then pull Mono-Han. The buff should maxed out at 2 minutes on the pull. If it looks like not enough damage is getting put out quickly enough to kill Mono-Han before the buff drops, stop DPS on Mono-Han, turn to an electromancer and blast it to smithereens to refresh the buff, then finish Mono-Han off.




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