For the character from the main universe, see Miall.
Image of Miall
Title Master Armourer, Apprentice (former)
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 40
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Blacksmith
Location Fort Wrynn; Lunarfall
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Master Smith Ared

Miall is a draenei blacksmith that first appears at Fort Wrynn if the Wrynn Artillery Tower is built.


Driven to prove herself and to honor her masters legacy she now works to create the best equipment possible.[1]

Her story begins in Shattrath City as an apprentice to Master Smith Ared for a long time. When the Iron Horde attacked, she fled with her master to Fort Wrynn. Unfortunately, her master died soon after. Wanting to preserve his legacy she dropped the title of apprentice and took up Master Armourer. Her first task was to stock up with Jovite, Iridium Dust and Goren Gut Gas. She got the supplies from Kuuro's Claim.

She was going to start making weapons until she realized that there was not enough Jovite in the mine to last for very long and the best place to get more was the fortress owned by ogres down south. Along with the commander, she raided Gordal Fortress and destroyed their defenses, took back some stolen weapons, killed three Viziers, destroyed some Iron Horde supplies and forced their leader to flee.

She then becomes a follower.

She can also be seen watching fights between garrison commanders in the Coliseum of Highmaul.



Fort Wrynn

After everything we went through in escaping Shattrath his sickness finally caught up to him.

 My dear master, you will be missed.

Wrynn Artillery Tower

You have a pretty good shop going on here. Much bigger than the shack I used to work at in Shattrath.

Gordal Fortress

We need to be on our guard. This place is crawling with ogres.


Let's get moving!


  • Hello commander. Do you have need of my skills?
  • My skills are at your command.
  • This beats working at a forge in some dusty old city.
  • Does this weapon match my horns? I'm trying to color coordinate.

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