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ElinkIcon-wowus.pngMichael Sacco
Michael Sacco's avatar
Role CS Forum Representative
"It's a well-documented fact that I'm at least 1.5 times as appealing as cookies."

Michael Sacco, also known as Belfaire,[1] was a Blizzard employee who posted frequently on the US World of Warcraft Customer Service Forum. His avatar is a Cobalt War Talbuk from the plains of Nagrand. He worked out of the Austin, Texas office.[2]

Belfaire is no longer a CSR of the Customer Service Forum, and has moved on to greener pastures. His last post on the official forums was made on September 29, 2008.


Belfaire has claimed on many occasions to be a "fop", a "prettyboy", and a "popinjay". He's fanatical about hair care (claimed to be, by another Game Master, a different organism), bad puns, and staying on the level. He would change his signature at the start of each shift, usually to an indie rock song lyric.

Belfaire has been depicted as a talbuk or goat in a few pictures posted in the Customer Service Forum.

The Old Stratholme NPC Michael Belfast was named after him.

Current activities

Since December 2008, Michael Sacco has been a regular blogger on the popular WoW news site WoW Insider.[1]


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