Might of Dragonblight

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Might of Dragonblight
  • Complete the Dragonblight storylines listed below.
  • Criteria:
    • The Warden's Task
    • Informing the Queen
    • Angrathar the Wrathgate
    • "Strategic Alliance"
    • Redirecting the Ley Lines
    • The Dragonflights
    • Frostmourne
    • Oacha'noa

Might of Dragonblight is a quest achievement earned for completing Dragonblight quests in Dragonblight


Alliance Alliance

  1. The Warden's Task — after completing A [72] The High Cultist.
  2. Informing the Queen — after completing A [75] Informing the Queen.
  3. Angrathar the Wrathgate — after completing A [74] Return To Angrathar.
  4. Redirecting the Ley Lines — after completing A [72] The End of the Line.
  5. Frostmourne — after completing A [73] Frostmourne Cavern.

Neutral Neutral

  1. "Strategic Alliance" — after completing N [74G3] Really Big Worm.
  2. The Dragonflights — after completing N [80] Mystery of the Infinite, Redux.
  3. Oacha'noa — after completing N [72] Conversing With the Depths.


This achievement is part of meta achievement [Loremaster of Northrend].

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