Might of the Earthen

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NeutralMight of the Earthen
Start Broken Pillar (object)
End Broken Pillar (object)
Level 85 (Requires 1)
Type Dungeon
Category Archaeology
Rewards 9g 40s (or 16g 54s if completed at level 85)
Repeatable Yes

Might of the Earthen is an archaeology quest that grants your group the Might of the Earthen buff, decreasing damage done to all party members while in the Stonecore.


At first glance, this pillar seems very plain, but your knowledge of archaeology tells you differently. If you had a Dwarf Rune Stone, its originations could be brought to light.


Ah ha! You knew you'd seen this level of craftmanship before. Now, with the final piece...


The following spell will be cast on you:

Achievement dungeon halls of origination earthrager ptah.png
  • Might of the Earthen
  • Physical damage taken is reduced by 5% while you remain in the Stonecore.

You will also receive:

  • 9g 40s (or 16g 54s if completed at level 85)

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