Might of the Stonemaul

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HordeMight of the Stonemaul
Start Orhan Ogreblade
End Orhan Ogreblade
Level 37 (Requires 34)
Category Feralas
Experience 4600
Reputation +350 Orgrimmar
Rewards  [Sermon-Halter Gloves] or  [Ogre's Coif] or  [Stonemaul Slinger]
Next H [38] To Camp Mojache
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [37] Might of the Sentinels.


Disrupt Cho'Gall's Twilight Sermon.

  • Sermon disrupted


So the Twilight's Hammer thinks it can just raise its own army of ogres here? In the middle of Horde territory?

We'll see about that.

Ogres only respect one thing: strength. I want you to lead the assault on Cho'gall's sermon, <name>. Throw wide the doors of Dire Maul, leap into the arena, and cut down his attendants.


We've done it! Cho'gall himself has been utterly humiliated by you. His minions are dead, the Gordok are scattered, and now all will know the might of the Horde! Lok'tar, <name>. You've more than earned your reward.


You will receive: 80s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 106v3.png [Sermon-Halter Gloves] Inv helmet 175.png [Ogre's Coif]
Inv weapon bow 02.png [Stonemaul Slinger]


Approach the arena
Chogall yells: The sun of life will set forever, as light gives away to eternal night. (Oblivion looms, it calls!)
Chogall yells: The Twilight's Hammer is the instrument of this grand destruction, the method of glorious annihilation! (Tear aside the veil! Open your mind to emptiness!) Through us will you find true power.
Chogall yells: Join us (Join us!) and be granted strength beyond strength! (Strength! His STRENGTH! His MIGHT!)
Jumped into the arena
Chogall yells: Behold! The world you see before you has been judged. (Fire, water, earth, air!) All shall perish before the elements! (Burn and drown and crush and suffocate!)
Chogall yells: Join us, and embrace the inevitable end. (The Master's power calls!) You will be reborn, stronger than flesh! (Strength beyond form! Power in the infinite!)
Chogall yells: Swear your allegiance to me (The master wants! He sees and wants and hungers!) and you will be remade in my image. (Wait! INFIDEL! A heathen among us!) An intruder! YOU! Show yourself...
Chogall yells: Prove yourselves, my ogres! Slay this insect! (Blood for the master! Blood and suffering!)
Both ogres slained
Chogall yells: Enough! I'll stain my hands with your blood! (Hyehahahaha! Murder, MURDER!)
Cho'gall and two more of his disciples jump down into the arena and freezes the adventurer. He begins to cast a powerful spell, but is interrupted.
A piercing warcry echos through the maul!
Orhan Ogreblade yells: Cry havoc, brothers and sisters!
Stonemaul Raider says: FOR DA HORDE!
Orhan focuses her might!
Orhan Ogreblade yells: I'll show you true power!
Orhan and the Stonemaul forces battle Cho'gall until he reaches 50% health, at which point he freezes the party and ends the event with:
Cho'gall yells: Enjoy your hollow victory, insects. (The darkness comes...) May it console you as your world rots.
Cho'gall teleports away. Orhan and her Stonemaul forces walk towards the exit of the Maul and despawn.


AllianceDreamer's Rest / HordeCamp Ataya

  1. Breadcrumbs:B [35] The Wilds of Feralas, A [35] Hero's Call: Feralas!, or H [35] Warchief's Command: Feralas!
  2. B [36] Signs of Change
  3. B [36] More Than Illness
  4. B [36] Tears of Stone, B [36] The Land, Corrupted
  5. B [36] Sealing the Dream
  6. A [36] General Shandris Feathermoon / H [36] To Stonemaul Hold

Alliance Feathermoon Stronghold

  1. A [37] The Battle of Sardor
  2. A [37] Hatecrest Forces, A [37] General Skessesh
  3. Breadcrumb: A [37] Report to Silvia

The Dire Maul threat: Alliance Tower of Estulan / Horde Stonemaul Hold

  1. B [36] The Gordunni Threat
  2. Side Chain:
    1. B [36] The Gordunni Orb
    2. A [37] Estulan's Examination / H [37] Talk to Swar'jan
    3. B [37] Ogre Abduction
  3. A [37] Gordok Guards, H [37] Rulers of Dire Maul

Forces of Nature Part 1 / Weapons of Spirit Part 1:

  1. A [37] Forces of Nature: Wisps / H [38] Testing the Vessel
  2. A [37] Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs / H [38] Hippogryph Muisek
  3. A [37] Forces of Nature: Treants / H [37] The Flow of Muisek
  4. A [36] Tell Silvia
  5. A [37] Might of the Sentinels / H [37] Might of the Stonemaul
  6. H [38] To Camp Mojache
  7. A [37] The Lost Apprentice / H [37] The Darkmist Ruins
  8. N [37] The Darkmist Legacy, N [37] Ancient Suffering
  9. N [37] Verinias the Twisted
  10. A [37] Return to Vestia / H [37] Return to Sage Palerunner
  11. A [38] Adella's Covert Camp
  12. B [38] War on the Woodpaw
  13. Horde-only side chain
    1. H [38] Woodpaw Investigation
    2. H [39] The Battle Plans
  14. B [38] Alpha Strike

Forces of Nature / Weapons of Spirit Part 2:

  1. H [37] Treant Muisek
  2. A [37] Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons / H [37] Faerie Dragon Muisek
  3. A [37] Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants / H [37] Mountain Giant Muisek
  4. H [37] Weapons of Spirit
  5. B [39] Stinglasher, B [38] Zukk'ash Infestation
  6. B [39] Sasquatch Sighting
  7. A [39] It's Not "Ogre" Yet, H [39] The Hilltop Threat
  8. B [39] Taming The Tamers
  9. A [40] Spiteful Sisters, H [40] Twisted Sisters
  10. B [40] Ysondre's Call
  11. N [40] Taerar's Fall
  12. B [40] Ysondre's Farewell

Patches and hotfixes

  • Legion Hotfix (2016-07-22): The Twilight Sermon events are now properly initiating, allowing for the completion of the quests "Might of the Stonemaul" and "Might of the Sentinels".
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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