Image of Mikanikos
Title <Forgelite Prime>
Gender Male
Race Steward (Humanoid)
Level 50-60 Normal / Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Forgelite Prime
Status Alive
Student(s) Famos,[1] Hipokos[2]
Companion(s) Bron

Mikanikos is a steward and the Forgelite Prime of Bastion, in charge of the Eternal Forge and the creation of all Centurion constructs. He's the second Forgelite Prime in existence[3][4] and is considered the wisest and smartest of all the stewards.[5] His tool is the hammer  [Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons], which belonged to the First Forgelite.[6]

Mikanikos had an apprentice named Famos, but she stole his tools and joined the Forsworn.[1]


Adventures companion
  • Auto Attack
  • Resilient Plumage
  • Sparkling Driftglobe Core


Objective of



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On approach if part of the Venthyr Covenant and not a Friend or higher
Mikanikos says: Much to learn... Much to try...
On approach if part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Friend or higher
Mikanikos says: Friend! Ember Court curios most interesting... will need more soon!
On approach if part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Best Friend
Mikanikos says: Always room for <name> in my workshop.


If part of the Venthyr Covenant and not a Friend or higher
I understand what the Forsworn do not.
Perfection is necessary for success! You must take care of your tools and resources.
If part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Friend or higher
<Name>! What new inspiration you bring today?
Battled new enemies?? Discovered new technologies? Mastered new magic??
Tell me everything.
Small details often lead to big revelations!
If part of the Venthyr Covenant and are a Best Friend
<Mikanikos sets down his latest project and gives you his full attention.>
<Name>, my favorite workshop visitor.
Always new ideas. Always good friend.
Work can wait. Tell me, friend, why come to Eternal Forge?
See me? Need something? New court soon? I hope!
At Ascension Coliseum

Been long time since last witnessed the Path.

Excited to watch!

At the Ember Court
Interesting. Interesting.
Court is most interesting.
Many new ideas. Many new people.
Lots to learn.
At the Citadel of Loyalty during the Venthyr Campaign chapter "The Crowned Prince"
Crown can only be purified here, its loyalty to Denathrius purged. Citadel once amazing place, but now Forsworn infest it... like so many others.
N [60] The New Path
Been working in Bastion for countless years. Have made countless improvements and innovations to protect Bastion and make everything run smoother! Alas, even the great Forgelite Prime can run out of ideas.
Korthia has been amazing! Meeting fellow craftspeople, collaborating together, working toward common goal. Constructed many incredible things, even healed gargoyles! Learned much, inspired to the brim.
I must keep collaborating! Hipokos is my new apprentice. With his experience in Maldraxxus and passion for the craft, he will create greatness... with my help of course.
Plus he is great listener. And I am great talker.
Keeper's Respite, Korthia

Not to worry! Finest builder, Forgelite Prime, is here to help.


Main article: Quill of Correspondence


  • Greetings
    • Good questions only.
    • I am a busy steward.
    • Intriguing weapon. May I inspect?
    • New ideas for centurion upgrades...
    • What marvels exist on your world?
    • You bear interesting craftsmanship?! Show!
    • You speak to the Forgelite Prime, master of Bastion development.
  • Farewell
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • I have high standards; you must meet them.
    • I simply demand perfection.
    • Leave me to my work.
    • Oh, you have value... but I have more.
    • Return with new ideas.
    • Some say I am particular... Me, I say thorough.
  • Irritated
    • You expect me to work like this? I have needs!
    • One: Need a forge. Flame precisely fifteen hundred thirty-four point three-two degrees.
    • Two: Forgehands. Three of them. Nimblest fingers, good at following orders. No talking back.
    • Finally, three: Basket of purians, perfectly ripe. No green. Then, perhaps, I can work.


  • His name is based on the Greek word μηχανικός (michanikós), pronounced the same, and means "engineer".

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