Mild Spices

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  • Mild Spices
  • Crafting Reagent
  • "Used to enhance the flavor in cooking recipes."

Mild Spices are a component used in very early cooking skillups. They were formerly used for a lot of creations before being later replaced by  [Hot Spices], but were removed from almost all recipes in Patch 3.1.0.


This item is sold by Cooking Suppliers and Trade Goods Merchants worldwide. They sell for 10c for a stack of 5.

As an ingredient


Patch changes

  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Stacks to 200, up from 20.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): No longer used for many recipes.
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