Inscription Icon Inscription (Profession)
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  • Milling
  • 1 sec cast
  • Crush 5 herbs to create pigments for making inks. This will destroy the herbs in the process.
Usable by
Class All
School N/A
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown
Other information
Requirements Level 5, Inscription (1)

Milling, a sub-skill of Inscription, is used to make pigments from herbs which can be obtained via the Herbalism skill. Five herbs of the same type are consumed per milling attempt and produce 1-4 pigments, with the most common result being a single pigment milled. Higher level herbs may also occasionally produce rarer pigments.

Similar to [Prospecting], the type of herbs that can be milled for pigments scales up with Inscription skill level.

Beginning with herbs from Outland, high end herbs such as  [Mana Thistle],  [Lichbloom], and  [Twilight Jasmine] have a much better yield of pigments then lower herbs like  [Felweed],  [Goldclover], and  [Cinderbloom].


Pigments and the herbs from which they are milled are:

Pigment Minimum skill Herbs
 [Alabaster Pigment] 1  [Peacebloom],  [Silverleaf],  [Earthroot]
 [Dusky Pigment],  [Verdant Pigment] 25  [Briarthorn],  [Swiftthistle],  [Bruiseweed],  [Stranglekelp],  [Mageroyal]
 [Golden Pigment],  [Burnt Pigment] 75  [Wild Steelbloom],  [Grave Moss],  [Kingsblood],  [Liferoot]
 [Emerald Pigment],  [Indigo Pigment] 125  [Fadeleaf],  [Goldthorn],  [Khadgar's Whisker],  [Dragon's Teeth]
 [Violet Pigment],  [Ruby Pigment] 175  [Firebloom],  [Purple Lotus],  [Arthas' Tears],  [Sungrass],  [Blindweed],  [Ghost Mushroom],  [Gromsblood]
 [Silvery Pigment],  [Sapphire Pigment] 225  [Golden Sansam],  [Dreamfoil],  [Mountain Silversage],  [Sorrowmoss],  [Icecap]
 [Nether Pigment],  [Ebon Pigment] 275 Any Outland herbs other than  [Fel Lotus]
 [Azure Pigment],  [Icy Pigment] 325 Any Northrend herbs other than  [Frost Lotus]
 [Ashen Pigment],  [Burning Embers] 475 Any Cataclysm herbs
 [Shadow Pigment],  [Misty Pigment] 500 Any Pandaria herbs other than  [Golden Lotus]
 [Cerulean Pigment] 1 Any Draenor herbs
 [Sallow Pigment],  [Roseate Pigment] 1 Any Broken Isles herbs

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