AllianceMilly's Harvest
Start Milly Osworth
End Milly Osworth
Level 4 (Requires 2)
Category Elwynn Forest
Experience 180 / 20
Reputation Stormwind +75
Previous Milly Osworth
Next  [Grape Manifest]


Bring 8 crates of  [Milly's Harvest] to Milly Osworth at Northshire Abbey.


A gang of brigands, the Defias, moved into the Northshire Vineyards while I was harvesting! I reported it to the Northshire guards and they assured me they'd take care of things, but... I'm afraid for my crop of grapes! If the Defias don't steal them then I fear our guards will trample them when they chase away the thugs.

Please, you must help me! I gathered most of my grapes into buckets, but I left them in the vineyards to the southeast.

Bring me those crates! Save my harvest!


Do you have my harvest, <name>?


Oh thank you, <name>! You saved my harvest! And I hope you showed a few of those Defias that they can't cause trouble around here.

We might be short on guards these days, but we're lucky to have heroes like you to protect us!


  1. A [1] A Threat Within
  2. A [4] Brotherhood of Thieves
  3. A [4] Milly Osworth
  4. A [4] Milly's Harvest
  5. A [4] Grape Manifest

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