NeutralMimic Octopus
Start  [Mimic Octopus]
End Nat Pagle
Level 15-35
Type Daily
Category Fishing
Reputation +600 Nat Pagle
+350 The Anglers
Rewards 11g 40s 1 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
Repeatable Yes

Mimic Octopus is a quest available from the  [Mimic Octopus], which is randomly caught from saltwater in Pandaria.


Nat Pagle
Maybe Nat would know more about this rare catch?

Bring the Mimic Octopus to Nat Pagle at Anglers Wharf.


You aren't sure how, but you've caught an extraordinary cephalopod. Nat Pagle at Anglers Wharf would be very interested to see it.


You will receive: 11g 40s 1 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Camouflage octopus?


Is that a mimic octopus? A buddy of mine caught one of these off the coast of Zandalar a few years back. He barely made it back alive, actually. Pesky trolls, but great fishing!

Anyhow, they aren't as rare as you might think because they use camouflage to hide amongst rocks and plants; only a very skilled fisherman has any hope of catching this elusive, and delicious, morsel.



While it is possible to catch a second one of these fish after turning in the daily quest, it cannot be turned in again that day. It can be kept to be turned in after the daily quest resets the next morning.


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