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For the Northern Stranglethorn quests, see B [10-30] Mind Vision.
Mind Vision
Spell holy mindvision
  • Mind Vision
  • Level 14 priest ability
  • Unlimited range
  • 1% of base mana
  • Channeled
  • Allows the caster to see through the target's eyes for 1 min. Will not work if the target is in another instance or on another continent.
Class Priest
School Shadow
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown
Other information
Level learned 14
Related debuff
Spell holy mindvision
  • Mind Vision
  • Sight granted through target's eyes.
  • Duration: 1 minute
Everything looks so much smaller through a tauren's eyes.[1]

Mind Vision is a channeled level 42 Discipline and Shadow priest utility spell. It allows the priest to see through the target's eyes for 1 minute.


  • During Mind Vision the mini-map will center on the location and orientation of the target, not the priest.
  • Using Mind Vision grants the Mind Vision debuff to the target and the Mind Vision buff to the casting priest. Buff and debuff are otherwise identical.
  • Mind Vision cannot be dispelled, neither by friends nor by enemies, except by invulnerabilities such as Spell holy divineshield [Divine Shield] or Spell frost frost [Ice Block].
  • Can be used on any target, including players, mobs, NPCs, pets, critters and non-combat companions.
  • Mind Vision has unlimited range, and does not require line of sight.
    • Players can therefore use /target to select otherwise unselectable targets and use Mind Vision on them. The /target command is limited to targets within the player's 'area of interest' (around 90 yards) preventing long-range targeting. However, in battlegrounds /target can be used on any player regardless of distance.
    • Can also be "chain-cast" from target to target to potentially scout instances for rare mobs/patrols, or allow you to find a distant target.
    • Mind Vision can allow you to use /target to select targets otherwise too distant to target in this way. This can be useful for overcoming line of sight problems.
    • Mind Vision cannot be used on targets in another instance or on another continent.
  • Although Mind Vision has a 1-minute duration, it can be recast at any time, extending its duration indefinitely.
  • Mind Vision can be used to see into phased areas that are not otherwise visible to your character. By casting Mind Vision on a target in the phased zone, the priest can explore areas they may otherwise never get to see. By chain-casting, priests can explore even further.
  • If your target uses a portal or other teleportation device, the effect will be cancelled.
  • A mind-visioned rogue or druid who stealths can still be seen. However, Ability vanish [Vanish] and Spell shadow nethercloak [Cloak of Shadows] will cancel Mind Vision.
  • Casting any spell will cancel Mind Vision. Taking actions or using items will also cancel the channel. Cancelling buffs by right-clicking on them will not break the channel. Attempting casts on invalid targets (such as healing spells on hostile targets) or without sufficient range or line of sight will produce an error message, but will not break Mind Vision.
  • You can still perform emotes and chat while channeling Mind Vision.
  • As a channeled spell, Mind Vision is affected by pushback, interrupts and other effects such as stuns. Death (of the target or the caster) will also cancel Mind Vision. However, it is possible to use Mind Vision on ghosts.
  • Mind Vision will not aggro mobs, and will not flag you for PvP if used upon a player of the enemy faction.
  • Cannot be used in arena.
  • It is possible to cast a single instant spell on the target before the effect is cancelled. This can be used to allow priests to attack stealthed targets, by using Mind Vision on them before they stealth. When used on stealthed enemy targets, any non-instant spell will interrupt Mind Vision before the cast can be completed, cancelling the effect and therefore causing a loss of the target. Any spells cast during Mind Vision must still be on a target that is eligible, within range and in line of sight of the priest.
  • Mind Vision can be used to allow you to target, whisper, invite, mark with a target marker, set focus on and even report distant players. It cannot be used to inspect, trade, follow, duel or compare achievements with players outside the normal range required for these actions.
  • As with most spells, it is not possible to cast Mind Vision on a target that is currently duelling. However, it is possible to cast Mind Vision on a target before it begins a duel - the effect will not be cancelled when the duel begins.
  • Attentive players can tell when Mind Vision is being used on them due to the sudden appearance of the Mind Vision debuff.
  • As with most spells, casting Mind Vision on a hostile player without a current target will cause that player to immediately target you.
  • Mind Vision is prone to frequent errors, especially when chain-casting Mind Vision on distant targets. In these cases although the cast channels successfully, the vision is returned to the casting priest, giving the impression that the target is using Mind Vision on the priest. The Mind Vision buffs are correctly granted, and the priest is still unable to move until the channel is cancelled or expires. This also often happens when a target moves beyond a certain range.
  • Unlike most channeled spells, priests channeling Mind Vision cannot turn or strafe.
  • Is not affected by haste or diminishing returns.

Tips and tactics[]

  • Mind Vision can be enormously powerful in Twin Peaks and Warsong Gulch, as the enemy flag carrier can easily be targeted and then used as the target for the spell, allowing the priest to precisely locate them and communicate their location to the rest of the team, long before the flag carrier is displayed on the mini-map.
  • When defending a node in Arathi Basin you can Mind Vision an incoming rogue or druid before they stealth, then pop them out with Spell shadow shadowwordpain [Shadow Word: Pain] once they come into range.
  • Mind Vision can be very useful in casual battlegrounds for quickly ascertaining the state of play. For example, while defending a base in Arathi Basin, the priest can quickly cast Mind Vision on a target at another base held by their team, allowing them to see for themselves whether the base is under attack, and if so by how many and how the fight is going. The priest can quickly cycle through all relevant bases and report in the /bg channel to call for reinforcements, etc. This is almost always far faster than asking in /bg how a base is, or telling players to report, especially as many players forget to report incoming attacks, don't pay attention to the /bg channel, and/or may find it difficult to report while defending a base.
  • Priests using Mind Vision to quickly scout locations are advised to not channel for more than a few seconds at a time, unless they are supported by allies, as it is very easy for opponents to sneak up while the priest is channeling.
  • It can be used to annoy other people, as it cannot be dispelled.
  • As a consequence of this ability remaining 'glitched' (with instant-cast spells working on your target while channeling Mind Vision) it is possible to chain-cast Mind Vision between multiple mobs/players. Useful for maintaining the watch on the flag in Warsong Gulch, or third-person scouting in raid encounters.
  • Combined with the warlock's Eye of Kilrogg this can prove useful for allowing multiple players to scout the same region.
  • Use /target to target a known PvP player nearby, then use mind vision to determine exactly where they are. Similar, when trying to find a certain mob character for a quest, use /target to target them and then mind vision to locate them. Targets will also show up on your mini-map if within range, without need for Mind Vision.


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