Mines (Battle for Gilneas)

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For the general term, see Mine.
The Mines under Horde control.

The Mines are one of the three capture points in the Battle for Gilneas battleground. It is located near the exit of the Horde Landing and near The Overlook.

It is often the first point captured by the Horde due to its proximity to their starting point.


  • You cannot actually enter the mineshaft itself.
  • While it is possible to just be coincidence, there seems to be a nod to each town from the Gilneas zone in the Battle for Gilneas. The Mines may be a nod to Emberstone Village in Gilneas, which is known for its mine. It also is known for having been taken by the Horde as a command post several times, where as the Mines in the Battle for Gilneas are often the first base taken by the Horde.


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