For the companion pet, see  [Mining Monkey]. For the battle pet found in the Deadmines: Pet Edition, see Mining Monkey (battle pet).
NeutralMining Monkey
Image of Mining Monkey
Race Monkey (Beast)
Level 14
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Deadmines
Pet family Monkey

Mining Monkeys are found just after Glubtok's room, in the tunnels leading up to the Mast Room of the Deadmines. They're being forced by the Defias to mine the caverns for them.


  • Inv weapon halberd 03.png  Throw — Throws a banana, dealing massive Physical damage. 


Players can unlock the chains attached to these monkeys, doing this will result in the monkey attacking your enemies by throwing bananas dealing massive damage. On the contrary, if you attack the monkey (even with AoE) instead of the chain, the monkey will attack you giving you massive damage also. You should be careful when using AoE so that you don't enrage the monkeys.

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