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Techniques in Mining are listed under Mining skills. In general, the ability to mine mining nodes is automatically gained when new proficiencies are learnt . Techniques are passively applied bonuses that provide more or different resources when looting the specific node. When available, each node has three ranks of proficiency.


Legion Mining Legion
Node Rank 1 (increased amount) Rank 2 (chance of rare materials) Rank 3 (increased amount)
Leystone Deposit N Mining [10-45] Leystone Deposit Sample N Mining [10-45] Rethu's Journal N Mining [10-45] Rethu's Lesson
Leystone Seam N Mining [10-45] Leystone Seam Sample N Mining [10-45] Rethu's Pick N Mining [10-45] Rethu's Experience
Living Leystone N Mining [10-45] Living Leystone Sample N Mining [10-45] Rethu's Horn N Mining [10-45] Rethu's Sacrifice
Felslate Deposit N Mining [10-45] Felslate Deposit Sample N Mining [10-45] Rin'thissa's Eye N Mining [10-45G5] Rin'thissa
Felslate Seam N Mining [10-45] Felslate Seam Sample N Mining [10-45] Lyrelle's Right Arm N Mining [10-45G] Lyrelle
Living Felslate N Mining [10-45] Living Felslate Sample N Mining [10-45] Ondri's Still-Beating Heart N Mining [10-45G] Ondri
Empyrium Deposit N Mining [45] Empyrium Deposit Chunk N Mining [45] Angling For a Better Strike N Mining [45] Precision Perfected
Empyrium Seam N Mining [45] Empyrium Seam Chunk N Mining [45] Don't Just Pick At It N Mining [45] Balancing the Break
 [Infernal Brimstone] N Mining [45] Infernal Brimstone Sample N Mining [45] Infernal Brimstone Analysis N Mining [45R] Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire and Brimstone

Battle for Azeroth

Kul Tiran and Zandalari Mining Battle for Azeroth
Node Rank 1 (increased amount) Rank 2 (increased amount) Rank 3 (increased amount)
Monelite Deposit Taught from trainer at 1 skill H Mining [10-50] Lumbering Away / A Mining [10-50] A Need For Coal H Mining [10-50] Insufferable Bloodsuckers / A Mining [10-50] Spiderphobia
Monelite Seam Taught from trainer at 1 skill H Mining [10-50] Lending a Hand / A Mining [10-50] Don't Pick a Fight H Mining [10-50] An Exquisite Brooch / A Mining [10-50] Seams Familiar
Storm Silver Deposit Taught from trainer at 1 skill B Mining [10-50] Ritualistic Preparations B Mining [10-50] Brined Justice
Storm Silver Seam Taught from trainer at 1 skill B Mining [10-50] Three Sheets to the Wind B Mining [10-50] The Wrath of Grapes
Platinum Deposit Taught from trainer at 25 skill B Mining [10-50] An Exceptional Platinum Shard H Mining [10-50] An Ore for an Eye / A Mining [10-50] A More Challenging Career