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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

A miracle requests a deity's intercession. One doesn't so much cast a miracle as request one. A person states what he would like to have happen and requests that his Eternal (or the power he prays to for spells) intercede. A miracle can do any of the following things.

  • Duplicate any healer spell (including spells to which the person has access because of his domains).
  • Duplicate any other spell, including arcane spells.
  • Undo the harmful effects of certain spells, such as geas/quest or insanity.

Alternatively, a healer can make a very powerful request. Casting such a miracle costs the healer because of the powerful divine energies involved. Examples of especially powerful miracles of this sort include the following.

  • Swinging the tide of a battle in his favor by raising fallen allies to continue fighting.
  • Moving his allies, with all his and their gear, from one plane to another through planar barriers to a specific locale with no chance of error.
  • Protecting a city from an earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood or other major natural disaster.
  • Restoring a Forsaken back to mortal life. It can return them to being living humans or high elves.
  • A miracle spell can restore a reincarnated character to his or her original form.

In any event, a request that is out of line with the Eternal's or faith's (or alignment's) nature is refused.[1]

In World of Warcraft?

One possible miracle occurring in World of Warcraft is A'dal granting his blessing on Crusader Bridenbrad, who was struck by the plague of undeath. While Bridenbrand still died in the end, A'dal's blessing prevented him from becoming a mindless ghoul in the service of the Lich King, and allowed him to die in peace.