Mirelle Tremayne

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HordeMirelle Tremayne
Image of Mirelle Tremayne
Title <Heavy Armor Merchant>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location War Quarter, Undercity
Status Active

Mirelle Tremayne is a Forsaken heavy armor vendor located in the War Quarter in the Undercity.


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Item Cost
 [Augmented Chain Belt] 92s 64c
 [Augmented Chain Boots] 1g 38s 40c
 [Augmented Chain Bracers] 93s 31c
 [Augmented Chain Gloves] 93s 65c
 [Augmented Chain Helm] 1g 43s 6c
 [Augmented Chain Leggings] 1g 83s 54c
 [Augmented Chain Vest] 1g 82s 86c
 [Brigandine Belt] 2g 51s 80c
 [Brigandine Boots] 3g 77s 56c
 [Brigandine Bracers] 2g 36s 38c
 [Brigandine Gloves] 2g 37s 27c
 [Brigandine Helm] 3g 49s 17c
 [Brigandine Leggings] 5g 2s 57c
 [Brigandine Vest] 4g 98s 98c
 [Chainmail Armor] 20s 41c
 [Chainmail Belt] 10s 30c
 [Chainmail Boots] 15s 38c
 [Chainmail Bracers] 10s 33c
 [Chainmail Gloves] 10s 37c
 [Chainmail Pants] 20s 48c
 [Crested Heater Shield] 4g 36s 29c
 [Heavy Pavise] 1g 61s 60c
 [Kite Shield] 61s 82c
 [Light Mail Armor] 4s 82c
 [Light Mail Belt] 2s 43c
 [Light Mail Boots] 3s 75c
 [Light Mail Bracers] 2s 53c
 [Light Mail Gloves] 2s 54c
 [Light Mail Leggings] 4s 86c
 [Metal Buckler] 1g 30s 54c
 [Ornate Buckler] 3g 76s 47c
 [Platemail Armor] 4g 77s 60c
 [Platemail Belt] 2g 34s 70c
 [Platemail Boots] 3g 50s 75c
 [Platemail Bracers] 2g 36s 53c
 [Platemail Gloves] 2g 37s 42c
 [Platemail Helm] 3g 54s 80c
 [Platemail Leggings] 4g 75s 77c
 [Polished Scale Belt] 34s 12c
 [Polished Scale Boots] 51s
 [Polished Scale Bracers] 34s 38c
 [Polished Scale Gloves] 34s 51c
 [Polished Scale Leggings] 68s 90c
 [Polished Scale Vest] 69s 15c
 [Reinforced Targe] 48s 20c
 [Scalemail Belt] 19s 84c
 [Scalemail Boots] 28s 31c
 [Scalemail Bracers] 19s 76c
 [Scalemail Gloves] 18s 94c
 [Scalemail Pants] 37s 67c
 [Scalemail Vest] 41s 48c

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