Mirror, Mirror...

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VenthyrMirror, Mirror...
Start The Curator
End The Curator
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Covenant Sanctum
Experience 14,200
Rewards  [Crypt Gargon]
12g 87s
Previous N [60] An Eye for an Amulet, N [60] Crypt Crashers, N [60] The Traitor
Next N [60] Return to Sinfall


Enter the Curator's mirror. Then, collect the Medallion of Avarice.


We have what we need to get you through, <name>.

My medallion lies on the other side of the mirror. Once through, my medallion will be there... somewhere.

Please be careful. My mind may be weakened, but I do remember working with the Accuser to protect the crypt's interior.

I should be able to tell you everything about this place, but I am afraid that just is not the case anymore.


You will receive:


My medallion? Do you have it?


You found it! I wish we were under better circumstances. I do miss celebrating.

But I should reward you, yes, a reward, you must take these, may they serve you well!


On accept
Now that we have all of our components we can proceed, <name>.
Once the mirror is complete, remember to apply the Death Lotus Powder. If you do not you... well it is definitely not good.
Entering the mirror without the powder
My memory may be going... but yours seems to be going even faster. Use the powder to enter safely.

On the other side, the path to the chest is blocked by a Wall of Sin that can only be crossed with [Door of Shadows].

Walking into the wall
Open your eyes and use the power, Maw Walker. It is the only way.


  1. N [60] Medallion of Avarice
  2. N [60] The Curator
  3. N [60] Watcher Emil
  4. N [60] Combing the Catacombs
  5. N [60] Break Out
  6. N [60] Lead the Way
  7. N [60] Special Access
  8. N [60] An Eye for an Amulet
  9. N [60] Crypt Crashers
  10. N [60] The Traitor
  11. N [60] Mirror, Mirror...
  12. N [60] Return to Sinfall

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