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Start Droman Aliothe [60.1, 53.9]
End Hunt-Captain Korayn [56.0, 57.6]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 850
Rewards 2g 52s 70c
Previous N [58] The Forest Has Eyes, N [58] The Droman's Call
Next N [58] Enemies at the Gates


Find Hunt-Captain Korayn on the Path of Rebirth.


The Wild Hunt has answered the call to defend us... except for Hunt-Captain Korayn and her forces.

She had led her hunting party to the west, on the trail of a powerful foe. They may have encountered trouble.

Find her and provide whatever aid she requires.

We need her hunters and her leadership if our defenses are to hold.


You will receive:

  • 2g 52s 70c
  • 850 XP


These Drust thought to send a force to strike us from behind.

<Korayn smirks.>

Your call brought my fellow huntsmen and huntresses to reinforce us. Our foes were the ones caught by surprise.


Head southwest to find Korayn and a few Swifthoofs, Nightblades, and Deadeyes:

Hunt-Captain Korayn says: I see your hunt goes well, mortal.


  1. N [58] The Forest Has Eyes and N [58] The Droman's Call
  2. N [58] Missing!
  3. N [58] Enemies at the Gates
  4. N [58] Battle for Hibernal Hollow
  5. N [58] Dying Dreams
  6. N [58] Awaken the Dreamer
  7. N [58] The Court of Winter
  8. N [58] The Queen's Request

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