BossMistress Alluradel
Image of Mistress Alluradel
Gender Female
Race Sayaad (Demon)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bonich
Status Killable

Mistress Alluradel is a sayaad located on Bonich.


Adventure Guide

All those who gaze upon Mistress Alluradel fall under her sinister control. She commands victims of her dominance to inflict gruesome torments upon themselves. A thrall's only hope to escape is death, and Alluradel will not allow that release until their agonized screams have ceased to amuse her.


Mistress Alluradel periodically casts Beguiling Charm, charming all players who are facing her when the cast completes. Bringing a charmed player to 50% health breaks the effect, freeing them from Alluradel's control.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Turn away from Mistress Alluradel when she casts Beguiling Charm.
  • Help free players affected by Beguiling Charm by brining them to 50% health.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Turn away from Mistress Alluradel when she casts Beguiling Charm.
  • Fel Lash inflicts heavy damage to players caught in the cone.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Turn away from Mistress Alluradel when she casts Beguiling Charm.
  • Take turns tanking Mistress Alluradel to manage the application of Sadist.


  • Ability garrosh touch of yshaarj.png  Beguiling Charm Important — Mistress Alluradel charms all players who are facing her for 20 sec. Dealing sufficient damage to the mind-controlled player will break the effect.
  • Spell fel elementaldevastation.png  Fel Lash — With a snap of her whip Mistress Alluradel creates a wave of fel flame that inflicts 1950000 to 2050000 Fire damage to all players in a cone 45 yards long.
  • Spell brokenheart.png  Heart Breaker Magic Effect — Inflicts 450000 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 24 sec.
  • Ability warlock whiplash.png  Sadist Tank Alert — With each consecutive melee attack against the same target, Mistress Alluradel's attack speed increases by 5%. This effect stacks.


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