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Mistress of Torment
Image of Mistress of Torment
Gender Female
Race Sayaad
Class Warlock
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Occupation Magtheridon's lieutenant
Status Deceased (Killed by Lady Vashj)
Relative(s) Master of Pain (?)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The Mistress of Torment was a malevolent queen of suffering, the greatest of the sayaad who found their way to Outland. She served as one of Magtheridon's generals. In her chamber, she held many torture devices and Cages of Discipline.

When Illidan and his allies came to Outland and laid siege to Black Temple, the Mistress of Torment was called to guard one of the two Shadowkeys needed to unlock the inner sanctum. Vashj and her naga infiltrated the aqueducts and attacked the Black Temple from a side entrance, as Akama and his draenei destroyed the automated defenses. Vashj then proceeded and killed the Mistress of Torment with the aid of her naga. With her dead, the doors leading to Magtheridon were opened.

Statistics of Mistress of Torment in Warcraft III[]

BTNCurseOff BTNCarrionSwarm
Curse Carrion Swarm
BTNBloodLustOff BTNTheBlackArrowOnOff BTNBanish BTNDeathCoil
Bloodlust Black Arrow Banish Death Coil
PASBTNScout BTNChainLightning PASBTNBash PASBTNHardenedSkin
True Sight Chain Lightning Bash Hardened Skin
Mistress of Torment's abilities in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
Unlike other Queen of Suffering, she had ten abilities.
  • 3400 HP (+113% more than a regular Queen of Suffering)
  • 1000 MP (+100% more than a regular Queen of Suffering)
  • 69-77 chaos melee damage (same as a regular Queen of Suffering)
  • 8 heavy armor (+700% more than a regular Queen of Suffering)
  • AbilitiesWarlock
    • True Sight (can see invisible units)
    • Chain Lightning
    • Bash (sometimes attacks stun target)
    • Hardened Skin (Reduce all attacks done to Mistress of Torment)
    • Bloodlust (+X damage buff)
    • Black Arrow (+X damage and if attacks kill target, they create a Dark Minion)
    • Banish (makes target ethereal)
    • Death Coil
    • Curse (causes attacks to miss buff)
    • Carrion Swarm

Note: Mistress of Torment's statistics are being compared to the most powerful non-unique type of succubi and not the weakest type of sayaad which is called a "succubus".