NeutralMistweaver Ku
Image of Mistweaver Ku
Title <Lost Treasures of Shaohao>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 30-35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Celestial Court, Timeless Isle[42.7, 54.7]
Status Active

Mistweaver Ku is a pandaren vendor located at the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle.

Vendor information

Mistweaver Ku
<Lost Treasures of Shaohao>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Mask of Anger] 100 Timeless Coin Vanity
 [Mask of Doubt] 100 Timeless Coin Vanity
 [Mask of Fear] 100 Timeless Coin Vanity
 [Mask of Hatred] 100 Timeless Coin Vanity
 [Mask of Violence] 100 Timeless Coin Vanity
Honored  [Scroll of Challenge] 500 Timeless Coin Rare summon
 [Time-Lost Artifact] 7,500 Timeless Coin Trinket (damage)
Revered  [Harmonious Porcupette] 7,500 Timeless Coin Companion pet
 [Celestial Defender's Medallion] 1,000 Timeless Coin Toy
Exalted  [Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent] 100,000 Timeless Coin Mount (300)



I hold some of the emperor's most prized possessions. Should you wish to curry favor with Shaohao, you may aid us by driving back the Ordon yaungol that seek to overtake the Celestial Court.

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