Misty Pine Refuge

Misty Pine Refuge is an outpost building of the Argent Dawn. It is located in central Dun Morogh[57.7, 44.8], and currently houses only one agent of the organization, Father Gavin. Several refugees are waiting here, helped by Buin "Phloppy" Freehand, a generous volunteer. A Broken and Wildhammer dwarf have been sent here to learn about what the Cataclysm brought to the region.

During the Legion Invasions, the area was invaded by the demons, but defended by Mountaineer Helmholt, his mountaineers, guards, and adventurers.



When approaching
Lowan Featherbreeze says: We can't leave these refuges[sic] like this, Kelaan. Buin here has sold his weapons and armor to buy food for them. He cannot do it alone.
Kelaan says: I am not blind to their suffering, Lowan, but our mission here is to learn about what the cataclysm has wrought. Azeroth itself is suffering.
Father Gavin says: I have sent to Light's Hope Chapel for a grant of gold for the care of the refugees. Carry out your mission, but help as you can.
Lowan Featherbreeze says: Thank you, Father Gavin. The world needs more like you and Buin in these dark times.

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