Mmm... Amberseeds!

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AllianceMmm... Amberseeds!
Start Amberseed
End Master Woodsman Anderhol
Level 73 (Requires 73)
Category Grizzly Hills
Experience 5150
Reputation +75 Valiance Expedition
Next A [73] Just Passing Through


Speak with Master Woodsman Anderhol in Amberpine Lodge.


Your stomach growls as the pungent smell of hearty nuts draws your attention to the bucket of seeds.

Some thoughtful soul has obviously left these complimentary morsels here to rejuvenate weary visitors. Grateful, you take the remaining few and devour them.

The seeds do not disappoint. Finding yourself hungry for more, you set out to discover their origins....


You did what!!!

Those were Amberseeds! And that was an entire harvest's worth!

Those magical seeds may have been the answer to our food crisis. Believe me when I tell you, <name>, you're going to make this right!


  1. A [73] Mmm... Amberseeds!
  2. A [73] Just Passing Through
  3. A [73] Doing Your Duty

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