Start Razgaji
End Razgaji
Level 30-50
Category Vol'dun
Experience 20,560 (at level 110)
Reputation +150 Voldunai
Rewards  [Mozesha's Hexblade]
or  [Sezahjin's Chopper]
or  [Mojambo's Stabber]
or  [Sezahjin's Vulture Bow]
or  [Mugjabu's Quarterstaff]
or  [Razgaji's Cutter]
or  [Sezahjin's Tenderizer]
or  [Razgaji's Machete]
or  [Xombo's Prized Greataxe]
38g 80s (at level 110)
Previous H [30-50] Arming the Tribe
Next H [30-50] Camp Lastwind, H [30-50] The Ashvane Threat, H [30-50] The Tortaka Tribe, H [30-50G3] WANTED: Za'roco


Slay Mojambo.


Mojambo and his gang are attacking!

We must defend de arena. Mojambo must be defeated! De outcasts will take care of his gang. Mojambo is all yours...

Bring Tongo's head with you and use it to challenge Mojambo to a duel. His pride is too great to resist such a challenge!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv knife 1h zandalarquest b 01.png [Mozesha's Hexblade] Inv axe 1h zandalarquest b 01.png [Sezahjin's Chopper]
Inv knife 1h zandalarquest b 01.png [Mojambo's Stabber] Inv bow 1h zandalarquest b 01.png [Sezahjin's Vulture Bow]
Inv staff 2h zandalarquest b 01.png [Mugjabu's Quarterstaff] Inv sword 1h zandalarquest b 01.png [Razgaji's Cutter]
Inv mace 1h zandalarquest b 01.png [Sezahjin's Tenderizer] Inv sword 1h zandalarquest b 01.png [Razgaji's Machete]
Inv axe 2h zandalarquest b 01.png [Xombo's Prized Greataxe]

You will also receive:


Mojambo must be defeated!


At last dis war be over and we can live in peace. I do not know how to thank you for all you've done.


Mojambo is sitting on a krolusk in the center of the Scorched Sands Arena. He is initially unattackable, but throwing  [Tongo's Head] at him will cause him to become hostile and attackable.

Mojambo says: Tongo... killed by an outsider? I must have overestimated him!
Mojambo yells: I'll have to murder you myself along with the rest of your foolish friends!

Upon killing Mojambo:

Mojambo says: Not like this... no... argghh...

As soon as Mojambo dies, the Zandalari Exiles in the arena flee north. The Scorched Sands Outcasts chase after them for a short distance before runing back. Return to Razgaji to turn in.


  1. H [30-50] Seeking Shelter
  2. H [30-50] I've Got Your Back
  3. Complete all of:
    1. H [30-50] Mystery Meat & H [30-50] Vol'duni Fried Chicken
    2. H [30-50] The Chef's Apprentice
    3. H [30-50] Savage Saurolisks & H [30-50] They Might Be Delicious
    1. H [30-50] Alpacas Gone Wild & H [30-50] Snarltooth's Last Laugh
  4. H [30-50] Liquid Motivation
  5. H [30-50] Bandit Blades & H [30-50] Stolen Goods & H [30-50] Tongo
  6. H [30-50] Arming the Tribe
  7. H [30-50] Mojambo
  8. Optional followups:

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