NeutralMok'gol Watchpost
Mok'gol Watchpost.jpg
Entrance to the watchpost
Type Fort
Leader(s) IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif Packleader Vor'gash
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif Gortag Steelgrip
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif Krahl Deadeye
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif Brutag Grimblade
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif Karosh Blackwind
Race(s) IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifIconSmall OrcBrown Female.gif Orc
Language(s) Orcish
Affiliation(s) Warsong clan, Iron Horde
Location Nagrand
Status Active

Mok'gol Watchpost is a Warsong clan fortification overseen by Packleader Vor'gash[1] located in Nagrand. More recently, raiders from Mok'gol have been terrorizing travelers in Nagrand.[2] Loot from these raids can be found in chests throughout the camp, which typically contain a few gold and some poor equipment.

The Warlord's Council

The Warlords of Draenor frequently meet here to discuss their war plans.[3] The leaders of Mok'gol Watchpost are apparently also privy to the larger plans of the Iron Horde, as key pieces of intelligence such as a Map of Tanaan Jungle, a Miniature War Machine, and a Scale Model of Gorgorek can all be found here.[4] Said leaders are extremely elusive, as Gortag Steelgrip and Krahl Deadeye only appear when called for by the Signal Horn,[5] and Brutag Grimblade and Karosh Blackwind are both rare spawns.

Assault on Mok'gol Watchpost

To complete the B [40 Daily] Assault on Mok'gol Watchpost, players can complete the following tasks: killing the inhabitants of Mok'gol, torching their buildings, destroying their totems, and looting their chests.




This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The objective of B [40 Daily] Assault on Mok'gol Watchpost and B [40] Missive: Assault on Mok'gol Watchpost and game files[6] refer to this location as Sunspring Watchpost, possibly meaning that it corresponds to Sunspring Post.

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