Moira Thaurissan using a Dark Iron Mole Machine.

Mole machines are vehicles used to travel underground. They are used by the Dark Iron dwarves, iron dwarves,[1] and Iron Horde.

During Brewfest, Coren Direbrew, head of a renegade family of brewers, has his forces use these to disrupt the Brewfest celebrations.[2]

The mole machine has become a great asset to the Alliance war machine. During the Siege of Orgrimmar, Moira Thaurissan uses one to travel there with some Ironforge Guards.

They were used by the Dark Irons accompanying the Alliance on the alternate Draenor as well as by the Iron Horde in areas of Gorgrond[3] and Frostfire Ridge.[4] Upon rescuing Thaelin Darkanvil and his captured moles from Iron Siegeworks, he sent one mole to the Alliance garrison of Lunarfall as well as the Horde garrison of Frostwall.

During the Legion Invasions, Dark Iron reinforcements to Kharanos came via mole machines under the command of Moira.



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