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This article lists all loot found in Molten Core. Molten Core was the first 40-player raid instance introduced (along with the original level-60 version of Onyxia's Lair). All of Tier 1 and the Tier 2 leggings are found in this instance. Before Blackwing Lair was introduced in Patch 1.6, all of Tier 2 also dropped in Molten Core.

Bosses in Molten Core are split in to 3 groups for loot distribution purposes:

Bosses in the first two groups drop one or two pieces of Tier 1 and draw from the shared loot table for the group they belong to. Ragnaros drops Tier 2 legs, along with the Blackwing Lair bosses. Lucifron, Gehennas, and Shazzrah each drop one of 6 possible Tier 1 Feet/Hands pieces. Trash mobs drop the waist and wrist Tier 1 pieces.

For the  [Bindings of the Windseeker], Garr drops the right half, and Baron Geddon drops the left half.

Three battle pets were added in Patch 5.1 as part of the  [Raiding with Leashes] achievement: Magmadar drops the  [Blazing Rune], Sulfuron Harbinger drops the  [Mark of Flame], and Golemagg the Incinerator drops the  [Core of Hardened Ash]. The item drops themselves are bind on pickup, but the learned pets can be crated and traded.

Bosses in this table appear in the above order.

Boss Item Type
Lucifron  [Arcanist Boots] Mage Mage Tier 1 feet
 [Cenarion Boots] Druid Druid Tier 1 feet
 [Choker of Enlightenment] Healer neck
 [Earthfury Boots] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 feet
 [Felheart Gloves] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 hands
 [Gauntlets of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 hands
 [Lawbringer Boots] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 feet
Gehennas  [Earthfury Gauntlets] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 hands
 [Giantstalker's Boots] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 feet
 [Gloves of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 hands
 [Lawbringer Gauntlets] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 hands
 [Nightslayer Gloves] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 hands
 [Sabatons of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 feet
Shazzrah  [Arcanist Gloves] Mage Mage Tier 1 hands
 [Boots of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 feet
 [Cenarion Gloves] Druid Druid Tier 1 hands
 [Felheart Slippers] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 feet
 [Giantstalker's Gloves] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 hands
 [Nightslayer Boots] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 feet
Sulfuron Harbinger  [Giantstalker's Epaulets] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 shoulders
 [Mantle of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 shoulders
 [Nightslayer Shoulder Pads] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 shoulders
 [Pauldrons of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 shoulders
 [Shadowstrike] Vendor trash
 [Mark of Flame] Companion pet
Flamewaker shared  [Crimson Shocker] Intellect wand
 [Flamewaker Legplates] Plate legs
 [Heavy Dark Iron Ring] Dodge ring
 [Helm of the Lifegiver] Mail spirit helm
 [Manastorm Leggings] Cloth healer legs
 [Ring of Spell Power] Intellect ring
 [Robe of Volatile Power] Cloth healer chest
 [Salamander Scale Pants] Leather healer legs
 [Sorcerous Dagger] Caster dagger
 [Wristguards of Stability] Leather agility wrist
Magmadar  [Arcanist Leggings] Mage Mage Tier 1 legs
 [Cenarion Leggings] Druid Druid Tier 1 legs
 [Earthfury Legguards] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 legs
 [Earthshaker] 2H attack power mace
 [Eskhandar's Left Claw] Agility fist weapon
 [Eskhandar's Right Claw] Agility fist weapon
 [Felheart Pants] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 legs
 [Giantstalker's Leggings] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 legs
 [Lawbringer Legplates] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 legs
 [Legplates of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 legs
 [Medallion of Steadfast Might] Strength/dodge neck
 [Nightslayer Pants] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 legs
 [Pants of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 legs
 [Striker's Mark] Agility bow
 [Blazing Rune] Companion pet
Garr  [Bindings of the Windseeker] Quest item (right)
 [Arcanist Crown] Mage Mage Tier 1 helm
 [Aurastone Hammer] Main hand healer mace
 [Brutality Blade] 1H strength/agility sword
 [Cenarion Helm] Druid Druid Tier 1 helm
 [Circlet of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 helm
 [Drillborer Disk] Tank shield
 [Earthfury Helmet] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 helm
 [Felheart Horns] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 helm
 [Gutgore Ripper] Shadow damage dagger
 [Helm of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 helm
 [Giantstalker's Helmet] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 helm
 [Lawbringer Helm] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 helm
 [Nightslayer Cover] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 helm
Baron Geddon  [Bindings of the Windseeker] Quest item (left)
 [Arcanist Mantle] Mage Mage Tier 1 shoulder
 [Cenarion Spaulders] Druid Druid Tier 1 shoulder
 [Earthfury Epaulets] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 shoulder
 [Felheart Shoulder Pads] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 shoulder
 [Lawbringer Spaulders] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 shoulder
 [Seal of the Archmagus] Healer ring
Golemagg the Incinerator  [Arcanist Robes] Mage Mage Tier 1 chest
 [Azuresong Mageblade] Caster 1H sword
 [Blastershot Launcher] Gun
 [Breastplate of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 chest
 [Cenarion Vestments] Druid Druid Tier 1 chest
 [Earthfury Vestments] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 chest
 [Felheart Robes] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 chest
 [Giantstalker's Breastplate] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 chest
 [Lawbringer Chestguard] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 chest
 [Nightslayer Chestpiece] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 chest
 [Robes of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 chest
 [Staff of Dominance] Healer staff
 [Sulfuron Ingot] Trade item
 [Core of Hardened Ash] Companion pet
Non-flamewaker shared  [Aged Core Leather Gloves] Leather agility/expertise hands
 [Deep Earth Spaulders] Mail healer shoulder
 [Fire Runed Grimoire] Caster off-hand frill
 [Flameguard Gauntlets] Plate strength/crit hands
 [Flamewaker Legplates] Plate strength/dodge legs
 [Magma Tempered Boots] Plate healer feet
 [Mana Igniting Cord] Cloth caster waist
 [Obsidian Edged Blade] 2H strength/expertise sword
 [Quick Strike Ring] Strength ring
 [Sabatons of the Flamewalker] Mail agility/intellect feet
 [Talisman of Ephemeral Power] Spell power trinket
Majordomo Executus  [Ancient Petrified Leaf] Hunter Hunter quest item
 [Cauterizing Band] Caster ring
 [Core Forged Greaves] Plate dodge/fire resist feet
 [Core Hound Tooth] Melee dagger
 [Hyperthermically Insulated Lava Dredger] 2H healer mace
 [Fireguard Shoulders] Leather fire resist shoulders
 [Fireproof Cloak] Healer fire resist back
 [Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame] Cloth healer hands
 [Sash of Whispered Secrets] Cloth health restore waist
 [The Eye of Divinity] Priest Priest quest item
 [Wild Growth Spaulders] Leather healer shoulder
 [Wristguards of True Flight] Mail agility/hit wrist
Ragnaros  [Eye of Sulfuras] Quest item
 [Band of Accuria] Agility/hit ring
 [Band of Sulfuras] Healer ring
 [Bloodfang Pants] Rogue Rogue Tier 2 legs
 [Bonereaver's Edge] 2H crit sword
 [Choker of the Fire Lord] Caster neck
 [Cloak of the Shrouded Mists] Agility/fire resist back
 [Crown of Destruction] Mail agility/int head
 [Dragonstalker's Legguards] Hunter Hunter Tier 2 legs
 [Dragon's Blood Cape] Strength/resist back
 [Essence of the Pure Flame] Thorns trinket
 [Judgment Legplates] Paladin Paladin Tier 2 legs
 [Leggings of Transcendence] Priest Priest Tier 2 legs
 [Legplates of Ten Storms] Shaman Shaman Tier 2 legs
 [Legplates of Wrath] Warrior Warrior Tier 2 legs
 [Malistar's Defender] Healer shield
 [Nemesis Leggings] Warlock Warlock Tier 2 legs
 [Netherwind Pants] Mage Mage Tier 2 legs
 [Onslaught Girdle] Plate strength/crit waist
 [Perdition's Blade] Fire damage dagger
 [Shard of the Flame] Health restore trinket
 [Spinal Reaper] 2H attack power axe
 [Stormrage Legguards] Druid Druid Tier 2 legs
 [Essence of the Firelord] Quest item
Trash mobs  [Arcanist Belt] Mage Mage Tier 1 waist
 [Arcanist Bindings] Mage Mage Tier 1 wrist
 [Belt of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 waist
 [Bracers of Might] Warrior Warrior Tier 1 wrist
 [Cenarion Belt] Druid Druid Tier 1 waist
 [Cenarion Bracers] Druid Druid Tier 1 wrist
 [Earthfury Belt] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 waist
 [Earthfury Bracers] Shaman Shaman Tier 1 wrist
 [Felheart Belt] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 waist
 [Felheart Bracers] Warlock Warlock Tier 1 wrist
 [Giantstalker's Belt] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 waist
 [Giantstalker's Bracers] Hunter Hunter Tier 1 wrist
 [Girdle of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 waist
 [Lawbringer Belt] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 waist
 [Lawbringer Bracers] Paladin Paladin Tier 1 wrist
 [Nightslayer Belt] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 waist
 [Nightslayer Bracelets] Rogue Rogue Tier 1 wrist
 [Vambraces of Prophecy] Priest Priest Tier 1 wrist