For the mob, see Molten Giant.
Not to be confused with magma giant.
Molten giants
Faction/Affiliation Old Gods' forces
Racial leader(s)  King Moltron
Homeworld Firelands
Environment Warm mountains and underground
Area(s) Molten Core, Mount Hyjal, Firelands
Language(s) Kalimag

Molten giants, also known as magma giants[1] or magma destroyers,[2] are enormous fire elementals that resemble titan-forged mountain giants. They are native to the Firelands, but some have been pulled into Azeroth by Ragnaros.[3] Though ultimately loyal to Ragnaros, the giants are kept in line by the heavy-handed rule of King Moltron.[1]

These elementals are powerful, unpredictable and violent. The summoning and controlling of molten giants is forbidden by the Earthen Ring, as the use of such coercion could anger the elements and trigger an event similar to the Cataclysm. However, during the attack on Theramore Isle, Garrosh Hellscream ordered his dark shaman to force molten giants into battle.[4]


A molten giant in World of Warcraft.


In the TCG

Icon-TCG.png This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

Molten destroyers are the stronger, tougher brethren of the molten giants, and stand guard deeper in the Molten Core.[5]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Molten giants are a type of giant that live in warm mountains and underground, most live in the Molten Core. Small glowing yellow eyes peer out of a massive red stone skull. In fact, this creature's entire body is formed from chunks of red stone, even what appears to be a beard or mane. Its arms and legs are thick pillars of rock, and every inch is covered with molten veins.

Molten giants are the brutal and cunning front-line defenders of Ragnaros' army. They view themselves as an autonomous society, serving their flamewaker masters and even Ragnaros himself only by choice. The truth is they could not leave his service if they wanted to, but they are a proud race and refuse to believe otherwise. Molten giants are opportunistic among their own kind. Their leaders continually jockey for position within their ranks and seek favor with the flamewaker nobility. Molten giants speak Kalimag.

Molten giants stand toe-to-toe with foes, slamming and bashing until each opponent in turn stops moving. When molten giants fight in pairs, one sometimes uses a war stomp while the other slams prone victims. If lava is present, as it often is near a molten giant settlement, molten giants attempt to bull rush victims into it. A molten giant generates so much heat that its mere touch deals additional fire damage. Its body deals extra fire damage whenever it hits in melee. A molten giant's metallic weapons also conduct this heat. Molten giants generally wield huge stone greatclubs. Stone clubs conduct only half the heat.[6]


  • Mob  Cyrukh the Firelord, an Elemental Lord of Outland, uses a model similar to a molten giant, albeit with fel-green flames instead of red.
  • Molten giants are similar to infernals in that their bodies are composed of stone while their souls are those of fire elementals.


Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): All molten giants have had their models updated.