Molus Blackburn
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Gender Male
Race Dark Iron dwarf
Class Warlock
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Status Deceased
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Molus Blackburn was an ambitious and cruel Dark Iron dwarf who began making efforts to serve the Burning Legion. He hoped the demons would be pleased and reward him with greater power. To that end, sought to establish a secret base near Ironforge to further the Legion's goals. He used magic to disguise himself as a Bronzebeard dwarf and headed to Khaz Modan to search for an appropriate spot. After a few days, he discovered a cave that was perfect for his purposes. Natural geography hid it from the eyes of travelers and explorers, and it was large enough to comfortably house a small army of nascent warlocks and to carry out his experiments; however, a problem presented itself: The cave was already in use. A necromancer, Toren Snapjoint, was in the cave. Toren had two acolytes with him as well. Molus kept tabs on Toren for a couple of weeks and saw him raid the local graveyards and animate the dead as skeletons. Toren also slew some traveling dwarves but Molus managed to hide the bodies before anyone discovered them.

Molus worried that if Toren was not careful, Ironforge would soon discover his dealings and would be on high alert for other dark magic. It also angered him that Toren was a servant of the Scourge, who had betrayed Molus's masters of the Burning Legion. Molus had one option: Destroy Toren, quickly and quietly, and take the necromancer's cave as his base. Molus did not relish the idea of facing Toren alone though. While disguised as Lugni Scopewol, he hired a group of adventurers, including Widge Whistlevalve, Jarlath Brewbelly, Botrek Pahno, Cerise Moonrain, Maith'hal, and Yinny, to go in and take care of the problem for him.

After they defeated Toren, Molus entered the cave, no longer disguised, with some hired muscle. He attacked the heroes who were weakened from their previous encounter. The group managed to defeat Molus through a great effort.[1]