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General advice



Brewmasters should use leather agility gear and may use either a two-handed weapon or dual-wield a pair of one-handed weapons. Two-hand weapons will generate [Elusive Brew] stacks in a more "bursty" pattern while dual-wielding will result in a steadier accumulation of stacks, but both will generate approximately the same number of stacks over time and both will deliver approximately the same DPS, so there is no inherent advantage of either and the Brewmaster should use whichever option gives them a higher item level or better secondary stats.

Secondary Stats

As of 6.0.2, Brewmasters should generally prefer Bonus Armor as their best secondary stat, followed by Critical Strike and a reasonable amount of Haste, then Versatility, Multistrike and finally Mastery as the lowest-priority.

  • Bonus Armor decreases physical damage taken and also significantly increases attack power through [Bladed Armor].
  • Critical Strike increases generation of [Elusive Brew] which is an important defensive tool for a Brewmaster monk, enabling her to dodge many incoming attacks. After level 90, Brewmasters receive 5% extra crit from all sources due to [Ferment].
  • Haste increases energy regeneration which is important for being able to maintain Shuffle. A Brewmaster should have enough Haste that she can use [Blackout Kick] often enough that she can maintain 100% uptime of Shuffle while also using her other abilities.
  • Versatility increases attack power and self-healing and reduces damage taken. Notably, this is the only stat a Brewmaster can prioritize to reduce the magic damage she receives.
  • Multistrike increases generation of [Gift of the Ox] healing spheres that the Brewmaster can use to heal herself.
  • Mastery increases [Stagger], allowing the Brewmaster to stagger more damage and also modestly increases attack power.

Utility Abilities and Cooldowns

  • Use [Provoke] to taunt.
  • Use [Summon Black Ox Statue] to generate AoE threat at a distance.
  • Use [Dizzying Haze] is for kiting since it is AoE, ranged, and generates a large amount of threat.
  • Use [Breath of Fire] for AoE when you don't need Chi for defensive abilities. Make sure you debuff the foes with [Dizzying Haze] first. Should only be used on multi target fights, and when the mob is not immune to Dizzying Haze.
  • [Zen Meditation] reduces incoming damage by 90%. Lasts 8 seconds, ends prematurely if you're hit by a melee attack. 3 minute cooldown. Use against heavy incoming spell damage when you aren't going to be hit by a melee attack. Can also be used to mitigate one extremely large physical attack, but will break after it reduces the damage.
  • [Fortifying Brew] is your standard emergency cooldown and should generally be saved either for a critical moment during a boss encounter or in case something goes horribly wrong and you are taking more damage than you should.
  • Use [Elusive Brew] liberally. If you are expecting a high damage phase to begin soon, such as a boss getting a significant damage buff or a wave of dangerous adds, it is wise to pool some Elusive Brew for that period.

Talent Selection

Level 75

  • [Healing Elixirs] is a powerful self-heal, but generally a poor choice for Brewmasters as it will trigger off [Elusive Brew] and [Purifying Brew], abilities which you use frequently and will cause very significant overhealing.
  • [Dampen Harm] is the best choice for encounters where you will take large hits fairly often. that need to be mitigated to survive.
  • [Diffuse Magic] is the best choice for magic-damage heavy encounters, or for encounters where you will be exposed to a single, very large magic attack that would otherwise kill you.

Level 90

  • [Rushing Jade Wind] is the best choice for fights with significant, sustained cleave (e.g. Council encounters where the bosses will remain stacked) or for fights with many adds that are constantly spawning. When there are three or more targets up, it should be used on cooldown.
  • [Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger] is the best choice for single-target encounters and for encounters where there is a significant need for burst damage from the tank (e.g. the Titanic Corruption from the Norushen encounter). It should be used as a DPS cooldown and, if possible, timed with [Bloodlust], [Heroism] or similar effects.
  • [Chi Torpedo] is the weakest option and should not be selected currently.


  • Chi generators (use to spend Energy and generate Chi):
  • Chi spenders (use when you have spare Chi):
  • Other rotational abilities:
    • Spam [Tiger Palm] whenever you have a free GCD and don't have enough Energy for a Chi generator.


Single-target healing

  • Keep [Renewing Mist] applied to the target. Refresh on cooldown to generate 1 Chi.
  • Channel [Soothing Mist] for sustained healing.
  • Use [Enveloping Mist] when you have 3 Chi and the damage over time is too high for Soothing Mist alone.
  • Use [Surging Mist] as an expensive, instant cast heal.
  • Use [Jab] to generate Chi when incoming damage is low, or if you cannot generate Chi fast enough from heals alone.
  • Use [Life Cocoon] in emergency situations, followed immediately by some healing over time spell.

Multiple target healing

  • Spread [Renewing Mist] across targets and keep it refreshed. On cooldown, cast on a player who does not have Renewing Mist applied yet, or on one surrounded by other players, to take advantage of the spreading effect.
  • Channel [Soothing Mist] on wounded targets to generate Chi.
  • Use [Uplift] when you have 2 Chi.
  • Use [Surging Mist] as an expensive, instant cast heal.
  • Use [Jab] to generate Chi when incoming damage is low.
  • Spam [Spinning Crane Kick] as an AoE heal when damage to all targets is high, but beware of the mana drain.
  • Use [Revival] in emergency situations.

Soloing / DPSing


  • Windwalkers should use agility / DPS gear: a two-handed agility weapon or dual-wield a pair of one-handed agility weapons, and should wear agility leather.
  • You have no choice but to stay in [Stance of the Fierce Tiger], the only stance available.
  • Remember to keep [Legacy of the Emperor] and [Legacy of the White Tiger] up.
  • Use [Flying Serpent Kick] or [Roll] to pull or get into melee range.
  • Use [Disable] to slow and root enemies.
  • Rotational abilities:
  • Use [Path of Blossoms] to deal damage while you're running around.
  • Other spec-specific cooldowns and situational abilities:
    • [Touch of Karma] redirects all incoming damage for 10 seconds from you to your attackers. 90 second cooldown. Use against tougher foes.
    • [Energizing Brew] regenerates 60 Energy over 6 seconds, with a 1 minute cooldown. Use on cooldown unless you're cloe to the Energy cap.
    • [Tigereye Brew] consumes all stacks to increase your damage by 2% per tack for 15 seconds. Use at 10 stacks.