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A monk trainer is an NPC that offers monks the opportunity to reset their talents and change their specialization. A general rule-of-thumb for finding the local Monk trainer is to search for either a peaceful, secluded area where one may be meditating, or in a local tavern putting their drinking skills to the test. Because the leaders of the respective Alliance and Horde Pandaren factions are Monk trainers themselves, keep an eye out for the turtle mounts and Pandaren architecture!

Alliance Crest Alliance trainers[]

Location Monk Trainers
Eastern Earthshrine, Stormwind City
IconSmall Pandaren Female Aysa Cloudsinger
Training Hall, Stormwind City
IconSmall Pandaren Male Juisheng Halfclaw
IconSmall Human Female Katrina Long
Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest
IconSmall Pandaren Male Bao
Stonefire Tavern, Ironforge
IconSmall Pandaren Male Liu of the Bottomless Tankard
Anvilmar, Dun Morogh
IconSmall Pandaren Male Lo
New Tinkertown, Dun Morogh
IconSmall Pandaren Female Xi, Friend to the Small
Temple Gardens, Darnassus
IconSmall Pandaren Female Lanfen, Brewer of Fine Teas
Aldrassil, Teldrassil
IconSmall Pandaren Male Laoxi
Ring of Arms, Exodar
IconSmall Pandaren Male Pan of the Martial Spirit
Ammen Vale, Azuremyst Isle
IconSmall Pandaren Male Mojo Stormstout

Horde Crest Horde trainers[]

Location Monk Trainers
Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar
IconSmall Pandaren Male Ji Firepaw
Barracks, Orgrimmar
IconSmall Pandaren Male Huinli Wingpaw
Valley of Trials, Durotar
IconSmall Pandaren Male Gato
Echo Isles, Durotar
IconSmall Troll Male Zabrax
Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff
IconSmall Pandaren Female Tseh Rah, Peacebloom Teamaster
Camp Narache, Mulgore
IconSmall Pandaren Male Shoyu
War Quarter, Undercity
IconSmall Pandaren Female Ao Jian
Deathknell, Tirisfal Glades
IconSmall Pandaren Female Ting, Strong of Stomach
Farstriders' Square, Silvermoon City
IconSmall Pandaren Male Sho the Wise
Sunstrider Isle, Eversong Woods
IconSmall Pandaren Female Pao

Neutral Neutral trainers[]

Location Monk Trainers
Mists of Pandaria Greenstone Village, Jade Forest
IconSmall Pandaren Male Brewmaster Tzu
Mists of Pandaria Peak of Serenity, Kun-Lai Summit
IconSmall Pandaren Male Fearsome Jang
IconSmall Pandaren Male Iron-Body Ponshu
IconSmall Pandaren Female Number Nine Jia
IconSmall Pandaren Female Wise Scholar Lianji
Legion Temple of Five Dawns, Wandering Isle
IconSmall Pandaren Male Fearsome Jang
IconSmall Pandaren Male Iron-Body Ponshu
IconSmall Pandaren Female Number Nine Jia
IconSmall Pandaren Female Wise Scholar Lianji
IconSmall Human Male Lao Li the Quiet


  • The monk trainers are unique among class trainers in that they are almost exclusive pandaren; the first exception was the troll Zabrax, who has apparently been trained by the nearby Tsu the Wanderer, later followed by human monks Lao Li the Quiet and Katrina Long. In the case of the starting area trainers, this usually makes them the only class trainers which are not of that area's race. Before Shadowlands, they were also all level 90, despite the starting area trainers being found in areas where most other NPCs are somewhere around level 5.
  • Following the two pandaren groups' joining of the Alliance and the Horde, monk trainers traveled to each allied race's starting area to teach the ways of the monk, and also to learn the ways of the other races. These pandaren are distinctive characters, and in many cases have clearly chosen (or been chosen) to train that specific race due to their personalities. Some examples: