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Monster Slayer's Kit is a quest reward from N [70R] Chamber of Secrets, given by an Neutral Argent Emissary in capital cities or at Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands.

Notes and trivia

  • This item appears to do at least four different things when used, similar to  [Six Demon Bag]:
    • Monster Slayer's Axe, 498-746 physical damage
    • Monster Slayer's Dagger, 498-746 physical damage
    • Monster Slayer's Holy Water, 249 to 373 Holy damage
    • Monster Slayer's Symbol, 498-746 Holy damage
  • This item seems to have a minimum range of about 3 yards.
  • This item appears to be a reference to the famous video game series Castlevania in which the 4 most well-known secondary weapons are: a overhead arcing axe, a fast-flying dagger, a bottle of holy water that burns monsters, and a cross that flies out and returns as a boomerang.

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