Mooncloth Robe

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Tailors tell that the first recipe for Mooncloth was scribed by Elune herself.[1]
Tyrande Whisperwind wearing a Mooncloth Robe (before patch 4.3.0)

Mooncloth Robe is a rare chest piece especially made for Discipline and Holy priests.


This item is crafted with Tailoring (300); taught by  [Pattern: Mooncloth Robe].

Materials required:
Inv fabric purplefire 02.png 6x [Bolt of Runecloth] Inv fabric moonrag 01.png 4x [Mooncloth]
Inv misc gem pearl 04.png 2x [Golden Pearl] Spell shadow antimagicshell.png 2x [Rune Thread]


This was Tyrande Whisperwind's attire since the game's launch (although the item was not available to players until patch 1.3.0) and until she received a unique model in patch 4.3.0. Mooncloth Robes are still worn by some Priestess of the Moon NPCs (for example, Dentaria Silverglade) and often sought by Priestess of the Moon roleplayers, or just for looks or transmogrification.

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